Month: October 2010

Don't Buy Internet Marketing Tall Tales

If you have been doing online marketing for some time now, you acknowledge the fact that it is not so simple for a new marketer that has to deal with a lot of wrong impression. It gets difficult to decipher the misconceptions from reality, which is a very crucial step to be successful. In this article we shall be busting 3 common Internet marketing myths, which are otherwise easily believed. The first wrong impression about online marketing is that you will make tons of money if the search engines rank you high enough. This is false because getting a...

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3 Effective Facebook Marketing Suggestions that will Help You

Online advertising has grown tremendously over the last few years. Although Google really boosted the advertising space of the internet, the newest powerhouse is Facebook. Advertisers are finding out that Facebook is very effective for targeting certain niche markets and groups of people. In this article, we will look at 3 influential Facebook advertising suggestions that will aid you in your campaigns. When you have an ad campaign going at Facebook, you should be sure to test them against each other for the highest possible conversions. PPC ads tend to only be seen once after a search operation; however...

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Facebook Advertising Tips, Hints, and Proven Strategies

Advertising on Facebook is a lot simpler than you think. Given below are a few simple tips that explain how you can get more out of your Facebook advertising campaign the easy way. One of the most important things that you can do to create effective Facebook ads is to test them out in every possible way. Bear in mind, though, that this ad platform is totally different from something pay-per-click advertising in which the ads are only seen once. This isn’t something where users search for something, see it once and never see it again. At Facebook, your...

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Time Management Can Make You More Productive

You were not born with time management abilities. You may notice that some people are better than others at managing their time, but in most cases this just means they were taught this skill at some point. Fortunately, time management abilities can be learned by anyone. If you want to do this, however, you will have to make some adjustments in your daily habits and patterns. When it comes down to it, time management is mostly about creating a responsible plan for your day and then sticking to it. With this in mind, let’s explore some proven time management...

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How To Spot These 3 Internet Marketing Myths

Finding real success with Internet marketing involves getting ahead of the crowd by avoiding mistakes and staying away from myths that do more harm than good. Oh yes, there are quite a few of these fables, and they’re often taken as the truth by people who are just starting out in this business. The following internet marketing misconceptions will help you see that what you’re doing isn’t so hopeless after all. For the offline businesses, the myth is you don’t really need to have a business website, and that’s a total flawed marketing perspective. You do need to build...

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  • Is the #MeToo Movement Leaving Black Muslim Women Behind? March 19, 2018
    var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1089975'; Click here for reuse options! Despite the larger movement addressing campus sexual assault, black Muslim women still share their experiences in whispers. Over the past several years, colleges and universities have been pressured to address an epidemic that has been ignored for some time: the pervasiveness of […]
    Vanessa Taylor, AlterNet
  • Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren and Michael Moore Invite Entire Nation to a Live Town Hall Meeting on Wealth and Income Inequality March 19, 2018
    var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1089998'; Click here for reuse options! It's a national meeting on the decline of the middle class and rise of oligarchy. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Michael Moore released a video which invites the whole nation to tune into a live town hall meeting on wealth and income […]
    April M. Short, AlterNet
  • Report Reveals the Kushner Family Filed False Documents on New York City Properties to Profit by the Millions March 18, 2018
    The Associated Press report uncovers some real estate dirty dealings. According to an exclusive Associated Press report, the family of White House Adviser Jared Kushner filed multiple false documents with the New York City housing authorities that allowed them to reap millions in profits on properties they flipped.The report states that the Kushner’s real estate companies bought […]
    Tom Boggioni, Raw Story
  • Facebook Suspends Trump Campaign Data Firm Cambridge Analytica March 18, 2018
    The company stole information from 50 million Facebook users' profiles.   /* >Related StoriesSeth Rich's Family Is Suing Fox News for Its Egregious Reporting on the DNC Staffer's DeathShep Smith Hints at Discord Behind the Scenes at Fox NewsThe New York Times and National Geographic Are Reckoning With Their Sexist and Racist Pasts in Very […]
  • What the Media Missed About the West Virginia Teachers Strike March 18, 2018
    var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1089992'; Click here for reuse options! West Virginia teachers share the lessons from their nine-day walkout. The statewide walkout by teachers that shuttered West Virginia's public schools for nine days garnered an enormous amount of media attention. But the teachers’ demands for more money and a fix to […]
    Jennifer Berkshire, AlterNet
  • Mueller Is Already in Possession of McCabe’s Bombshell Private Memos on Trump Meetings: Wall Street Journal March 17, 2018
    McCabe had already turned over the memos to the special counsel. Special counsel Robert Mueller already has in his possession the contemporaneous memos written by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. A “person close to Trump” told the Journal that McCabe has already turned over the memos to the special counsel.Following earlier reports Saturday on the memos' […]
    Bob Brigham, Raw Story
  • Robert Reich: The Menace of Mad King Donald March 17, 2018
    An unconstrained Trump could order an attack on North Korea, precipitating a nuclear war. Trump is moving into a new and more dangerous phase.Before, he was constrained by a few “adults” – Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, and John Kelly – whom he appointed because he thought they had some expertise he lacked.Now he’s […]
    Robert Reich,
  • The Science of Satire and Lies: Watching Colbert Can Fight Right-Wing Brain Rot March 17, 2018
    The mainstreaming of lies in the Trump era is hurting our cognitive abilities. In a National Rifle Association (NRA) TV ad from February of this year a man stands in front of a TV screen that airs a series of clips. Among them is a shot of John Oliver saying the words “National Rifle Association” and another […]
    Sophia A. McClennen, Salon
  • Inside the Activist Efforts to Stop Noise Pollution March 16, 2018
    var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1089969'; Click here for reuse options! Noise pollution and the battle for quiet space and peace of mind. Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of New York City on a spring day: Traffic, horns, cursing; the buzz of eight million people and their multiple devices. The roar of a […]
    Valerie Vande Panne, AlterNet
  • Labor Organizes a Congressional Win March 16, 2018
    var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1089960'; Click here for reuse options! Democrat Conor Lamb and organized labor make for a winning combination in a long-time red district. On Tuesday in Western Pennsylvania, a novice candidate, a 33-year-old Democrat who had never before run for office, upset an experienced politician who President Donald Trump, […]
    Leo Gerard, AlterNet