Month: December 2010

Article Marketing: Writing Ideas For Greater Conversions

When applied properly, article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your website or blog for Internet marketing and affiliate marketing success. Here are some ideas and tips you can use to become a more effective article marketer. One of the best ways for people new to article marketing is to study the articles of other proficient and successful writers. You can learn many valuable techniques from these professionals, such as the importance of titles and using keywords effectively. You also want to learn styles and phrases that will peak the interest of your reader and get...

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Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee may not be as unhealthy as many would have you believe. Although technically an alkaloid, or a poison, often touted by New Age health gurus as an evil brew, new evidence shows many surprising health benefits. It is startling the amount of conflicting advice one hears about the health of various foods and drinks. It was once thought that eating eggs were harmful because of the high cholesterol content, and a man should not eat more than one a day. Recent evidence, however, has shown that they are not as harmful as once believed, and the controversy over...

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Make Money Writing Articles

Article marketing– and the new trend of curating content – is one of the best way to make money online if you’re good at and enjoy writing, and love bringing together relevant information from different sources. While article marketing and content creation is as old as sin and isn’t sexy like “going social”, it’s still a highly effective way to get your content out on the Internet and build a brand. Some people may believe that it doesn’t take much skill or effort to make money by writing articles. In reality, it is hard work when truly done well....

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