To improve the quality of our lives, disciplines such as yoga or meditation strengthen our faculties of awareness. Become aware that you create your life by the choices you make every day, and cultivating positive thoughts and feelings attracts positive energy and positive experiences – the law of attraction. We are constantly creating our reality through the choices we make, but we must strive to make those choices more and more conscious. Commit yourself to positive change, don’t just fantasize about it. Be willing to make sacrifices.

While it is tempting to view symptoms as originating from the most obvious realm, for example, a back ache originating from the back, in fact such a symptom can be caused by problems in any of the 3 realms, which are interrelated and interdependent. However, because we can only “see” the physical or biochemical realm, we tend to ignore the virtual realm as the source of many of our problems. We can ignore the virtual realm, but we remain always connected to and influenced by it.

Strengthening our connection to the virtual realm (our spiritual “source”) makes us healthier and stronger. Because all the realms are interconnected, our minds can influence the physical state of our bodies in very profound ways. Negative thoughts or emotions can lead to physical disease. By taking responsibility for our thoughts by becoming more aware of them, we also become responsible for creating our experience of reality. We become aware that everything is connected to everything else, and we are all part of a single, universal consciousness. We must take responsibility for our own actions because they are the product of our choices.

The physical realm is the easiest to understand because it has been the focus of most of our attention throughout history. It is available to the senses and the subject of much scientific inquiry. The body thrives by feeding on nutrition and eliminating waste. Perhaps 70% or more of disease can be linked to inadequate nutrition. Modern methods of processing food destroy the nutritional value in many cases, as well as the soil in which the food is grown.

The body is constantly renewing itself in a continuous process of cells dying and being replaced. In a year about 98% of our body has been replaced by new cells; this gives our body its phenomenal ability to heal itself. The physical processes of the body include emotions, biochemical processes and spiritual experiences. The 3 realms interact in ways we have yet to discover.

As mentioned earlier, the biochemical realm is the bridge between the physical and the virtual (spiritual). The cells that make up our body have exterior membranes that are responsible for absorbing nutrition while eliminating waste.

A couple of examples are given that illustrate the amazing connectedness of different phenomena. Deepak Chopra found that people who meditate actually raise seratonin levels in people around them! And maybe even more amazing, Cleve Baxter, a colleague of Chopra, found that his white blood cells reacted to his intention of cutting himself even when he never actually did. Clearly our intentions and thoughts are far more powerful than we had ever imagined before in their ability to influenced and create reality.