AdSense Tips to Make More Money and Increase Click Through Rates

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After long hours researching Google’s Adsense program, I’ve come up with a few important ways that may help you to increase your adsense earnings. The important thing is to follow google’s guidelines for use and not violate their terms of service.

As most of you know, adsense is google’s pioneering contextual advertising program. They were the first(?) company to offer contextual ads and are still the most powerful  search and advertising company on the internet.

Contextual ads are simply ads relevant to the content of your website. Therefore, the most important thing to keep in mind for adsense success is to keep your website content tightly focused with keywords and niche topics, and the quality of your content high. High quality content is more important than anything for long term success for people who have higher goals than just making money

Yes, there are blackhat (illegal) techniques for making money with adsense that work well for short periods of time by breaking all the rules. These are run by people who like to “game the system” and value making money more than ethical behavior or adding real value from the content they are posting on the web.

If you’re a blackhat guy, this article is not for you. Blackhat guys mainly automatically build thousands of blogs with duplicated, automated content for the sole purpose of stuffing their pages with  keyword related adsense ads, and making a quick buck before google catches on to them and bans their site. Then they just build another thousand blogs on another domain and repeat until google bans them again.

Why doesn’t google just ban their whole adsene account? Leave your comments below!

Again, this can make you money if your intent is to cheat the system and make money. But if you have different aspirations – say, adding quality content to the net and helping to educate people on topics that genuinely interest you, then you may want to consider a few of these “whitehat” (legal) techniques.

Of course, the placement of your ads on your website is crucial and I’ll talk about that in a moment, but in general, most people are saying now that the 336X280 large rectangle ads are doing well. Also the 160X600 skyscraper ads, and most recently, the thin 728X15 or 468X15 horizontal links have become popular because they are easier to  make appear as if they are part of the website’s navigational system (something google does NOT want and may get your site or account banned.)

In addition, the color and page position of your adsense ads are also critical to ad click through rates, although this of course will vary with each site depending upon your particular theme’s design and layout. Do what’s best for your specific theme, don’t just copy a formula that may work for one person and not another. Test, test, and test is the mantra when it comes to any kind of ad integration.

So of course you should experiment with various ad locations and alternate colors that will fit well with your site’s colors and design – its look and feel. This is important, as you want the ads to appear to be a natural part of your website, not something extraneous you threw in to make a few bucks. Highlight your site’s CONTENT, not its ads.

In general, ads with background colors identical to your site’s and without borders tend to do best, because they look less conspicuous as ads and more like a regular part of your website. Most people say blue text links work best, as people naturally associate blue with links – something to be clicked.

However, its important to be flexible and think outside of the box. Some of the most successful adsense advertising campaigns do just the opposite of what I have just described – they make their adsense ads stick out so much but in such a cool and creative way that they attract a lot of attention, hence a lot of clicks.

Be creative, be flexible, and be willing to make periodic changes whether manually or automatically with software scripts. Often your regular readers will get used to the same ads in the same place all the time and stop noticing them.

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      Thanks for the heads up on prosperent. I haven’t checked it out yet, but if anyone else has, stop back here and leave your comments. Let us know, is prosperent the new adsense or just a wannabe knockoff? You decide, we report.

      • admin

        Wow, we just checked out Prosperent and it looks awesome. Head on over to Prosperent and check it out. Don’t forget to come back here and let everyone know what you think!

    • admin

      Wow, we just checked out Prosperent and it looks awesome. Head on over to Prosperent and check it out. Don’t forget to come back here and let everyone know what you think!

      We need more advertisers like this. Google has become much too powerful and has too much control over the free flow of information. Much of the reason the Internet is turning into an information garbage dump is because of Google’s monopoly.

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