Alcoholic Signs of Abusive Drinking

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Daniel had been engaging in excessive drinking, or alcohol abuse,  since her freshman year

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in college. Now, seven years later, her drinking had slowly increased and she drank more than ever. One Thursday night when she wasn’t feeling all that well, Daniel decided to stay home and watch some TV to relax and forget about her troubles.

While searching for something to watch that she would find interesting, she immediately became attracted to a special program about adolescent and young adult drinking difficulties, problems and addiction. She felt something within herself begin to wake up. She felt nervous but excited.

When Everyday Alcohol Addiction Symptoms and Signs are Manifested by Alcohol Dependent Individuals

The spokesperson of the TV program was discussing the difficult subjects of alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction, and then discussed the subject of alcohol dependency symptoms and alcoholism warning signs. When the television spokesperson went into more descriptive detail about a person’s alcoholic behavior and some of the more widespread alcoholic symptoms and signs that alcohol dependent individuals exhibit, Daniel became quite alarmed because it truly seemed as if the speaker was talking about her.

Daniel knew this was an important moment in her life, and she had a sense that something had to change, and that something was about to change. After watching the television program, Daniel made a promise to herself that she would telephone her physician the next business day and make an appointment to discuss her drinking problem. This took a lot of courage as she didn’t want to face her problem. She was terrified.

When the following morning arrived, true to her word and despite her fears, Daniel called her health care professional and made an appointment. In the meantime, she went on the Internet and did a search for alcoholic symptoms. Especially difficult for her to read as they hit so close to home, were the following signs or symptoms: sneaking extra drinks before social occasions, increasing irritability, making excuses to drink at almost every opportunity, sleep problems, and serious work-related and relationship problems.

Due to the fact that Daniel manifested all of these symptoms, she went deeper in her Internet research and found a tremendous number of websites and blogs that gave lots of valuable information about various alcoholic warning signs and symptoms, which further clarified her situation. She couldn’t deny the evidence any longer; she definitely had a drinking problem.

One of the signs that really captured her awareness and made her sit up was the following: “Do you ever drink after stating to yourself that you won’t?” While Daniel never before totally comprehended the fact that she may have a serious drinking problem, after reading about the many diverse alcoholic symptoms and warning signs, she couldn’t deny the fact that for the past several years, she again and again tried but was unsuccessful at decreasing her drinking or stopping entirely.

When Family Members Aggravate You by Denouncing Your Excessive Drinking Behavior

Another alcoholic symptom that really troubled her was: “Have people at home or work aggravated you by bringing up the subject of  your excessive drinking?” When Daniel read this she without delay thought about a recent fight she had with her uncle about her abusive drinking. In addition, Daniel openly reflected on a recent fight she had with her parents about her abusive drinking. Since Daniel sincerely thought that she didn’t have a problem with her drinking, when relatives mentioned her drinking she quite naturally got angry and upset.

A third alcoholism warning sign she noticed was: “Do you want a drink when you first get up in the morning?” That one really got her. Until now, Daniel had been untruthful with herself about the circumstances of her drinking. She was always able to rationalize things to herself or others. However, after reading about the aforementioned alcoholism warning signs, she knew if she was sincerely honest with herself that she was facing a serious drinking problem – especially since she now believed she needed to drink first thing in the morning when she woke up to reduce her constant worry, tension and anxiety.

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