From the “Americans aren’t so stupid after all and may be starting to wake up”

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department. reports “American consumers spent an estimated $34 billion on alternative medicine in 2007. In fact, alternative medicine accounts for over 11 percent of out-of-pocket spending on health care in the United States. “

Alternative medicine is anything not controlled by the pharmaceutical mafia which protects hundreds of billions of dollars in profits every year by manipulating and exploiting groups such as senior citizens into becoming drug addicts courtesy of your local doctor and the mainstream medical establishment, which includes the FDA, your friendly local government strong-arm men.

Think yoga, biofeedback, diets, nutritional and fitness coaching, chiropracters, naturopathy, hypnosis, vitamin supplements, herbs, natural and organic foods, a brain that actually functions part of the time, meditation, tai chi, gardening, long walks and prayer to the holy godfather in the sky. You create your reality with your thoughts, so think positively.

It’s great to see Americans finally waking up to the incredible health benefits of alternative health therapies, particularly the anti-aging supplements that can extend lifespan. Over 1/3 of all Americans are now using some form of alternative medicine, so clearly they are beginning to see the lies and deceit of the pharmaceutical companies and their shameful complicity with doctors and government agencies.

However, Americans are still spending most of their money on supplements such as glucosamine and echinacea, which are not high level super supplements like resveratrol and melatonin.  For example, “a stunning $3 billion was spent on homeopathy.”  Now I’m not going to knock homeopathy, even if it isn’t my first choice in alternative therapies.

So there is still a lot of educating to do for the American public. The good news is that they are taking a lot more fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids, which is one of the healthiest supplements you can take. Definitely a super supplement.

Did you know if you suffer from a brain injury, taking omega-3 fatty acids like the kind found in fish oil supplements will prevent plaque from forming and building up in your brain which will leads to brain injury and parkinson’s disease? Yes, omega-3 fatty acids are that healthy.

And if you can survive until the time of the singularity, you just may get whisked away into immortal life. Pretty cool, huh? The conclusion? Stay alive and don’t die whatever you do.

The singularity is near, and you can live forever.

“Findings concluded that 38 million adults visited alternative medicine practitioners for which they paid less than $50 on average per visit, and the average annual spending per person was about $122. For services such as acupuncture, homeopathy and hypnosis, the average was a higher at $75 plus. The average spending for products was $177.”


Those in the alternative health field have reason to stand up and cheer, because they just won a major victory. Just recently, Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, guilty of crimes against humanity because of the millions of criminal deaths they have caused by selling and pushing toxic, lethal chemicals as life-saving drugs has recently been busted by their own partners in crime over the last several decaces, the US Justice Department, for willfully lying and deceiving you, the US public, about the capability, use and safety of their drugs.