Pfizer, in the words of the Washington Post, is “a repeating corporate cheat for illegal drug promotions that plied doctors with free golf, massages, and resort junkets.” That’s right folks, that’s what your tax dollars are paying for, wealthy criminals who bribe doctors into selling you toxic chemicals as “drugs” that will help make you healthy when in fact they slowly kill you.

In fact, Pfizer was so criminal, so dirty and deceptive and conniving in their marketing, the US government was forced to fine them $2.3 billion dollars, the largest ever such fine in history, “and the $1.2 billion criminal fine is the largest ever in any U.S. criminal case.” Pfizer was caught again marketing its drugs for conditions not approved by the FDA, “backed by false and misleading claims about safety and effectiveness.”

A Pfizer subsidiary acquired in 2003 has pleaded guilty to a felony. Another example of such criminal activity is Bextra, a Pfizer drug for treating pain, which had to be pulled from the market in 2005 because it caused “increased risk of heart attack, stroke and death.” Nice guys these drug pushers.

That’s right, it’s time to stop denying reality and putting doctors and scientists on a pedestal. These are some of the worst, most ruthless criminals in the world, who sacrifice human life for money. They are as ruthless as any mafia in the world, and if you don’t believe that, keep dreaming your little fantasy of nice doctors in white coats. Cuckoo.

This isn’t a one time thing folks. The federal proseuters called Pfizer a “repeat offender.” Repeat offenders are those bald guys with tatoos of their mother on their bicep who go around stealing and raping, not multi-million dollar corporations? Yes, this is the 4th time Pfizer had to settle criminal charges with the feds. Michael Corleone would be envious.

And are we talking about one drug? Ha, that’s funny. So far, a total of 13 drugs have been involved in criminal charges, including blockbuster names like Viagra, Lipitor and Zoloft. Pfizer, in its quest to buy off your friendly local and federal officials, conducted meetings with government officials at fancy resorts, wining and dining them and lavishing gifts and “perks” on your “i’m fighting for you” politicians. All expenses paid, of course, by Pfizer, who passes the cost on to Medicare and Medicaid, which the government is forbidden to bargain for prices with, courtesy of your hero President George (sell’em down the river) Bush.

“FBI Assistant Director Kevin Perkins praised the whistleblowers who decided to “speak out against a corporate giant that was blatantly violating the law and misleading the public through false marketing claims.””

You are being suckered America. You have been sold down the river by your government and your politicians. Time to wake up and take back the power. The question is, is 2 billion dollars enough to stop a criminal enterprise like Pfizer? Probably not. Stay on your guard and educate yourself.

Go alternative.

How do you feel about being ripped off by pharmaceutical companies and doctors who receive lavish gifts and “perks” from them?