In an AP article printed here, Patraeus: CIA blamed attack on terrorists, we learn the CIA withheld evidence that the 9/11 Benghazi attack on the ill-protected American Embassy was what they are now calling a terrorist attack. The CIA wants you to know that they withheld the information so as not to alert the attackers we were hot on their trail, and “to protect classified information”, and excuse the government can and will use at any time and for any reason they want to do something and not have to justify it to you. And

“Democrats said Petraeus made it clear the change [in withholding the informaion] was not done for political reasons during President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. “The general was adamant there was no politicization of the process, no White House interference or political agenda,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. “He completely debunked that idea.”

So we are being asked to believe that withholding information that this was a terrorist attack had nothing to do with Obama’s reelection campaign. And we are being told to believe this by Patraeus, the guy who just mislead and betrayed the American people by putting national security at risk in his affair with his idolizing biographer.

Having an extra-marital affair is an offense worthy of a court martial, but of course the CIA could not report  quickly enough that there was no national security breach, and Obama quickly parroted the sentiment. How do they know there was no national security breach? We’re supposed to believe that because that’s the story they’re spinning to the obsequious national media? Have they done a thorough investigation? Unlikely. And if national security was jeopardized, do you think we would hear about it?

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Obsessed with power?

It will be interesting to see if Patraeus will be forced to stand before a military tribunal for putting national security at risk. Of course that will never happen, but it should.

Oh, and speaking of withholding important information from the media and the American people until after the election, why did the FBI begin investigating the Patraeus affair since the Summer, but not reveal the dirty deed until after Obama was safely back home?

. . . the president said he is reserving judgment about how the FBI has handled the investigation that began in the summer but didn’t reach his desk until after last week’s election. “I have a lot of confidence, generally, in the FBI,” Obama said, qualifying his words of support for the agency and its actions in the case.

Obama has confidence in the FBI “generally” but not specifically, as in specifically in this case? The FBI did not need to tell congress about this possible national security breach because they say they plugged any possible breaches right away.

It is a relief anyway to know that as the FBI has assured us, there was no national security breach in the Patraeus affair.

The FBI found a substantial number of classified documents on Broadwell’s computer, and she has told agents that took classified documents out of secure government buildings, according to the official. On Monday, the FBI also found classified documents in the search of Broadwell’s house in Charlotte, N.C., the official said. Broadwell had agreed to the search and had told agents in advance that there would be more of them there. 

Wait, if there was no national security breach, how did classified documents get into Broadwell’s [the lady with whom Patraeus had the affair] computer and in her home? Doesn’t that mean there was a breach of security? When classified documents end up on the computer and in the home of someone who was not authorized to possess those documents, doesn’t that mean in and of itself that there was a breach of security? Apparently not to your friendly neighborhood FBI agents, whose logic is that there was no security breach because they said there was none.

And the democrats are all in on this one with the intelligence guys. Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, also says there appears to her not to be any security breach at this time, not mentioning why classified documents were found in an unclassified person’s possession.

Patraeus denies giving Broadwell any classified documents, and suggested they may have been received from field commanders when she was working as a “reporter” in Afghanistan. Was she fucking those guys too? Will they be investigated for breach of national security?

Why is the national media allowing these powerful governmental officials to get away with doing and saying anything they please and not suffer any consequences? Why do the American people stand for this? Have we become a nation of passive cowards who don’t want to fight for freedom and justice, as the spirit was bequeathed to us by our forbears?

So this is how the soap opera goes. A woman named Kelley whom the media refer to quaintly as a “socialite” seemed to be having some sort of affair with a guy named Allen who is a senior military dude. Broadwell, Patraeus’ biographer and the woman with whom he was compromising national security, started sending freaky, anonymous emails to potential comely rival Kelley out of some sort of jealous power-paranoia that Kelley would elbow in on her big man Patraeus.

Kelley freaked out and told some FBI guy she met while attending a public function for people who want to get closer to FBI dudes that she was feeling a little freaked out. The FBI began the investigation that led to the tragic downfall of Pataeus, who loses his job in disgrace while Broadwell goes on to write best-selling books, give talk-show interviews and pose for Playboy magazine.

The truly devastating news hits that “Kelley’s pass to enter MacDill Air Force Base in Florida had been indefinitely suspended”. No one bothers to ask just what the hell Kelley was doing with a pass to enter MacDill Air Force Base in the first place, but word has it that it has something to do with her powerful, almost fatal attraction to immensely powerful men. Broadwell also loses her high security clearance, but word has it that she is no longer attracted to super powerful dudes, and has shifted her affections and affectations to super famous celebs, movie stars and occasionally death-metal rock stars. Patraeus gives speeches to and writes papers for neocon think tanks, and writes a book describing how his real patriotism should never be in question.

Kelley, not to be overshadowed by Broadwell who didn’t want to be ouplayed by Kelley, is further revealed to have been a delusional power-hungry socialite of the highest class.

Kelley asked for $80 million to influence South Korean deal, businessman says.

Colorful Colorado

Is this woman showing off her muscles? (Photo credit: thetimchannel)

A New York businessman says Tampa, Florida, socialite Jill Kelley asked him for an $80 million commission if she used her influence to win a South Korean business contract.

Kelley . . . claimed she was a high-level representative of the South Korean government . . .

In reality . . . Kelley holds a simple honorary title — “special consul” — which boasts no official responsibilities.

. . . Kelley “tried to sell herself as something she was not,” Victor, president of TransGas Development Systems, told CNN. “I told her she was crazy.”

It’s not the only time Kelley has claimed to have privileges because of a special diplomatic status. On Sunday, she called 911 complaining that a man she didn’t know was on her property, describing herself as an “honorary consul general” with “inviolability.”

. . . Another fact that has emerged is that Kelley visited the White House complex three times since September 28, once for a tour with her family and twice for courtesy meals in its cafeteria with her sister and a White House staffer, a White House official said Friday. The staffer met the family during a visit to MacDill Air Force Base, the military installation near where the Kelleys live.

It seems some people are obsessed with power and prestige. That these socialite butterflies have access to the inner sanctums of US power should be pause for freaking out.

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