Isn’t it hilarious how the guys who always cry loudest for things like “family values“, and who love to hold up images of themselves as model citizens, always seem to be the ones caught with their weenies flapping in the wind?

Hypocrites, for example, like Sen. Larry Craig, who love to publicly bash those immoral gay sex fiends, was caught groping for a man’s penis in an airport bathroom stall. Little bored Mr. Craig? Can’t think of anything better to do with your time?

If there ever was a just God, that was his day of reckoning. Too bad the man he aimed to fondle was a police officer, or Craig could have kept up his angelic image, protecting us all from our immoral dark side.

Now it seems we have another Weenie on Capitol Hill. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) has now been caught sending tweet messages to young girls, and pictures of his manly groin to salivating ladies. Or was that the 17-year-old girl? Gosh, sure things get confusing on the Internet, especially when we have our pants down. Even Weiner’s spokesperson tried to claim that his correspondence with a 17-year-old girl was innocent. Please, don’t make me pee on myself.

Even though top members of his own party have pleaded with him to resign, Weiner just can’t let go. Rather than do the right thing and resign, sparing us and his family the public humiliation – not to mention waste of time — he has taken a “short leave of absence”. I hope he stays away from twitter during that time.

Everyone recognizes that representative Weiner needs psychological help. The question is, should he be leading the American people as a member of Congress? If that’s the best the American people can do, then I understand all the more clearly why America has been flushed down the toilet.

Why is it that people in power just don’t get it? Why is it they don’t understand that they’re not above the law, just because they happen to make it? Will these power-brokers ever humble themselves?

Even Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman has stated, “The behavior he has exhibited is indefensible and Representative Weiner’s continued service in Congress is untenable”. No duh.

It’s unfortunate that compatriots such as Sen. Charles E Schumer (D-N.Y.) didn’t even have the balls to censure him. Had Weiner been a Republican, you can be sure Schumer would have been first in line to scold the egregious, immoral conduct of his evil opponent.

Even Mr. Weiner couldn’t bring himself to face up to the reality of what he has done. He could only call his behavior “inappropriate”, and insisted he had no plans to resign. Time to wake up bud. Reality hurts, but it is knocking at your door.

For example, Mr. Weiner claims he had only sent a picture of his groin in underwear to a Seattle college student, but it was publicly posted “accidentally”. That’s reassuring. What was he doing sending a half naked picture of himself to a college student? Is that the best excuse he can come up with, that it was an accident? That must make his wife feel great, if he still has one.

To make matters worse, Weiner first denied that he even sent the picture in the first place. Do we really need more liars and sexual perverts in Congress? Aren’t there enough already? Hasn’t America already shamed itself before the world? How much more of this BS are Americans going to accept from their leaders before we tell them to get the fu** out of town?

On an even more pathetic note (yes, will it ever end?), one senior House Democratic aide said that the whole Weenie issue was a distraction from the important work that the Democratic Party had to perform – you know, things like fighting immoral wars, killing millions of people with toxic prescription drugs, fighting the alternative medical community and pretending that natural supplements can’t help prevent, treat or cure disease, violating our constitutional right to privacy, not to mention continuing to bankrupt America.

“For two weeks we’ve only talked about Anthony Weiner,” a source said. “We haven’t talked about Medicare. We haven’t talked about creating jobs.”

Oh, I get it. If it weren’t for the Weiner issue, the Democrats would be pulling America out of bankruptcy, stimulating productivity, improving the educational system and dismantling the war state America has become. Do you think it’s possible that we could have created a viable Medicare system, or created more jobs for our economy before this incident?

Got the message, Mr. Weiner? You have mental problems. It’s time for you to go. Give your hand, and the country, a break.

[Follow-up. Weiner resigns.] Now the American government can go back to stealing from, exploiting and bankrupting the American people.

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