Scientists have in past studies demonstrated that mice that were fed only bee pollen and water lived longer and healthier lives than rats fed a regular diet. Clearly, there was something in the bee pollen with anti-aging properties.


Bee Pollen has very high levels of protein, more even than meat (which contains only about 20%), fish, cheese and eggs. It contains all of the essential amino acids, which help support healthy thyroid function. That’s quite remarkable. Other superfoods high in protein are chlorella and spirulina.

Anti Aging

One reason for the antiaging effects of bee pollen are the high levels of minerals and amino acids.The mineral selenium, for example, slows down the aging of cells and fights cancer. In fact, selenium is one of the most powerful cancer fighters known to science. 200 µg a day will help reduce the incidence and mortality from cancer by over 50%, which is outstanding (Vitamin D is another anti-cancer powerhouse).

Bee Pollen Health Benefits Info

Learn about the amazing food known as bee pollen. This humble naturally-occurring supplement is amazing. It has a wide range of health benefits including inc…

The Arginine and other amino acids in bee pollen supports the prostate — a potent aid to the male sexual and reproductive system, reducing frigidity, impotence and sterility. It also contains many nucleic acids which are important for cellular regeneration and inhibit genetic diseases.


An abundance of B Vitamins as well as amino acids in support of the nervous system help fortify our bodies against stress. The amino acids in bee pollen assist in the creation of endorphins, the hormones that are responsible for making us feel good or happy.

Energy & Chronic Fatigue

Bee pollen has very powerful energizing effects on the mind and body. Amino acids such as proline, arginine, cystine, serine and tyrosine are growth accelerators and aid in the maturation of children.

Because of its nutrient density, pollen can increase the appetite and weight in patients who are recovering from an accident or illness. On the other hand, it can help regulate weight in people suffering from obesity or diabetes. In that sense it is an adaptogenic, which means it does whatever the body needs, whether it be increasing or reducing weight.

It’s consequently suitable particularly for seniors, patients, the undernourished and for those battling Chronic Fatigue SyndromeBee pollen enhances sports and exercise performance by improving speed, endurance, energy and strength.

Bee pollen will help tone the uterine muscle in pregnant women, aiding with contractions and the birthing process. It will also positively assist the growth of the fetus.

Bone Health

Due to its abundance in amino acids and minerals, for example calcium, phosphorus and lysine (which helps calcium absorption), it also helps stop osteoporosis and promote the formation of bone callus when fractured.


Bee pollen is especially healthy for the brain. It increases memory and attention-span via glutamic acid. This can be particularly helpful for the elderly, people recovering from brain injuries, and student studying for exams. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on negative emotions such as anger due to its relaxing properties.

It provides a sense of well-being. It is helpful for depression, irritability, headaches and sleeplessness.

Cancer (recovery)

People recovering from cancer certainly suffer from many of the aforementioned symptoms. Therefore, pollen can help cancer patients who have undergone radiation, chemotherapy, x-rays etc. In this regard, it will also help the body fight pollution in the air food and water we consume every day.

Heart Health

Pollen has a fortifying action in the heart, blood vessels and notably in the capillaries, due to the rutin and other flavanoids it comprises.

Superior blood circulation through fortified vessels will help reduce arrhythmia, hemorrhaging and phlebitis. An improved triglyceride/cholesterol profile helps prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. It is anti-anemic by helping sustain the production of red blood cells with lysine and aiding hemoglobin production with histidine.

It helps balance key ratios of cholesterol, fatty acids, triglycerides, lipo proteins and albumin within the blood.

Digestion and the Intestines

Maintaining balanced intestinal flora helps to reduce inflammation in the digestive system. This can be useful in treating gastritis, ulcers, colitis, enteritis, gastro-enteritis and other intestinal disorders.

As an adaptogenic, it can help constipation or diarrhea. It can also help with excessive gas, abdominal bloating, acid indigestion or other discomforts.

While further research needs to be performed, there are some indications that it may help with stomach and intestinal cancers.

Immune Health

Because 70% of our immune system resides in our stomach and intestinal tract, bee pollen can help as an antibiotic by balancing intestinal flora, helping the growth of good bacteria. This would be great when used in conjunction with probiotics.

In particular, the bacteria Streptococcus has been shown to be inhibited by pollen.

Liver Health

Bee pollen is particularly beneficial to the liver and many of its more than one hundred biochemical functions, helping with severe diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis. This can be particularly helpful for people who have suffered from alcohol abuse and may be going through detoxification.

Hormonal Health

Venn Diagram of Amino Acids.

Venn Diagram of Amino Acids. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As mentioned, pollen contains vegetal hormones that promote male sexual functioning as well as overall cellular growth and healing. It is a aphrodisiac for men.

With females it helps with menstrual and pregnancy issues and in premenopause.

Hair skin and nails

The balancing of lipid profiles helps to revitalize dry skin, reduce acne, and help more severe problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

By growing healthier hair it helps prevent premature baldness. It helps with the quality of eyesight and strengthens nails. This is all due to its tremendous nutritional abundance.

Prostate Health

As mentioned before, bee pollen is a known and powerful remedy for male sexual prowess. It is no surprise then that it has beneficial effects on the prostate. Prostate problems are very serious for aging men, affecting 60% or more of men over the age of 60. Some conditions that can be helped our benign hypertrophy, prostatitis and cancer of the prostate.

Bee pollen is definitely one of the great super foods, and should be in anyone’s arsenal against aging and disease.

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