Best Guidelines for a 10-Pound Weight Loss

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Remember the basics. Low carb diets, quality proteins from beans, lean meats, legumes and eggs, fats such as olive oil and fish oil. Not necessarily exercise, but MOVE! Walk. Take the stairs. Dance. Celebrate life, not fat.

And never give up.

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    Awesome post man, thanks for sharing

  • paras pikavippi

    Could you write another post about this subject because this post was a bit hard to comprehend?

  • lifecell

    Hi there,
    Motivation is the key to a successful diet. You can get this from those around you especially your from your friends and family. If you hear unsupportive comments, just brush them off and think of the positive effects of what you are doing.


    • Webmind

      Great ideas, Maria. But I think if someone makes unsupportive comments you should tell them to fuck off and leave you the hell alone.