While this website does not specialize in bodybuilding, we realize that there are a significant number of people interested in sculpting their  bodies into works of art and achieving fitness too. So here are some general comments on the subject.

Bodybuilding is a world unto itself, full of like-minded individuals who are intensely driven to constantly improve, work hard and achieve their physical peak. Many of the people involved in bodybuilding devote huge amounts of time in the gym pumping iron, and researching the latest muscle enhancing supplements. They tend to be highly competitive people who strive for perfection.

Some will even take it to the highest level and compete in bodybuilding competitions. But if you want to compete at this level, you had better prepare to train for several hours a day. This is intense stuff. And you probably have to be a bit of an exhibitionist, loving to show off your perfectly sculpted body.

Note to guys. While we are led to believe in the media that all women salivate over muscle bulging dudes, this is not really true. Most women I have talked to about this consider competitive level bodybuilders a bit over the top in terms of attractiveness, although of course there are a subset of women who go crazy over them. To each his own, but don’t feel inadequate if you’re not breaking buttons on your shirt. Most women are attracted to guys who are fit and toned, not muscle machines.

So you have decided to become a bodybuilder. Here are a few tips that may help you succeed at such a highly competitive sport. Like any professional athlete, get ready to devote all your free time to this endeavor. Being the best takes total sacrifice, and you’d better love lifting weights.

There are a few main qualities that judges use to determine the best looking bodybuilder. Bulk, or raw size of muscle, is one criterion. Muscle definition, or being “cut”, is another. Their must be clearly defined lines differentiating each muscle, so that each one can be seen distinctly from another. This means having a very low bodyfat ratio. Be prepared to go on a strict bodybuilding diet so as to increase muscle mass without gaining too much extra weight..

Symmetry is another important quality. Each muscle must be in proper proportion to every other, so you body has a perfect symmetry. Symmetry is an important characteristic of beauty. For example, scientist have found that faces with the most perfect symmetry are considered most beautiful.

You diet should focus on high quality proteins. This is very important and worthy of another article or several in itself. For your diet, lean meats, fish and eggs are popular. Whey protein found in many health food stores is commonly used to supplement protein intake for bodybuilders. Creatine, and supplements to boost muscle building hormones such as testosterone and HGH or Human Growth Hormone, are other popular choices.

HGH is a great anti-aging substance that everyone should consider boosting to retain youthful vigor. You don’t necessarily have to take HGH, which is expensive, but you can take supplements that will help your body release and utilize its natural stores.

Stay away from all junk and processed foods containing excess sugar and fat (everyone should do this anyway!). And increase your intake of antioxidants. The intense exercise needed to become a competitive bodybuilder puts enormous stress on the body. You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as supplement with high levels of vitamins and minerals to restore depleted supplies and counteract excess oxidation.

Remember that not everyone is cut out to be a professional bodybuilder, just like everyone is not a natural writer or musician. I can write like a college professor, but couldn’t do a simple algebra or geometry problem if my life depended on it. Everyone has their unique natural abilities, and if you don’t have the proper genes for bodybuilding, all the pumping in the world won’t make you a pro. Be realistic.

And if you don’t have the natural genetic makeup to become a professional bodybuilder, whatever you do, don’t resort to taking steroids to enhance your performance. They will have horrifying side-effects such as problems with your kidneys, liver and sexual function (impotence), psychological mood imbalances, high blood-pressure and heart cardiovascular disease, brain damage, and they can even shorten your life. Stay away from steroids at all costs, as there are plenty of natural, legal supplements that will get the job done.

Steroids may make you a superstar in the short-term, but in the end the consequences could turn into a nightmare. It has happened to may people, including many famous athletes. The best strategy for success is knowing your capabilities, working harder than the next guy, and educating yourself about proper diet and supplementation. As in every area of life, there are no shortcuts.

Some bodybuilding competitions allow performers to use oil to enhance the look of their muscles, while others do not. It is good not to rely on oil to make yourself outstanding, but make use of it when possible.

Bodybuilding requires intense dedication and hard work, so be prepared for tremendous sacrifice and a will of steel. They say “no pain, no gain”, and this is good advice for most people. But if you think these professionals don’t have to endure pain to achieve their massive muscles, think again. Get ready to refine your workout routine to perfection, and count every calorie you eat, eating only the highest quality foods.

Good luck with your efforts, and only do this if you really love it. Women don’t necessarily want the guy with the biggest muscles. Brains can be pretty attractive too.

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