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Asia is steeped in mystery, tradition, and great history. Everything has deep meaning from the signs of the zodiac to the characters used in written language.

If you are a bride looking to bring the mystery and wonder of the East to your wedding, here are several great ways to do so using Asian wedding favors. You may be a native of Asia simply looking to introduce the taste of home, along with your family’s culture, into your nuptials. Or, perhaps you are a bride from abroad who has come to love the culture. In either case, here are some useful tips and suggestions to make your special day unforgettable.

Use Chinese calligraphy as a motif. The Chinese writing system is one that functions on symbols and imagery rather than the phonetic system most nations use. A single character can have several meanings depending on whether it is used on its own or in conjunction with other characters. Use a character like tranquility on your gifts to convey a wish of peace to your guests or use the character for fortune and luck to wish them well in their endeavors.

For the Asian bride who knows what will work in terms of tradition, take these considerations into account. It’s always adviseable to have a correct interpretation of any symbol you might use to ensure it’s proper use and you will also want to make sure your guests understand the meaning of any such symbolic uses. Be creative in how you achieve this.

Another great idea is to take advantage of holidays in your decoration ideas. A good example is the Lunar New year. Try picking out favors that could double as Lunar New Year gifts. This will introduce your guests to a new holiday if they are not familiar with it. Also try giving traditional Asian New Year foods as edible favors. Try using Bings. These are baked wheat flour pastries that are often filled with a sweet bean filling. You might consider using sesame seed dumplings as a good alternate choice. Use your imagination and a good recipe book and package your edible favors in Asian themed favor boxes.

Also try using mythical Chinese animals as designs and decorations on your wedding favors. Mythical creatures in Asia have great importance and are also symbols of good fortune and virtue. Here are a couple of examples. The most famous one is the Chinese dragon. It is a symbol of the Emperor. It is also a symbol of great fortune and was often used as an image for all types of holidays and special occasions.

Another legendary creature that is especially tied to wedding is the Chinese phoenix called the Feng Huang. This creature is often represented as two birds a male and female eternally united. They are considered the symbol of marital fidelity and are used as imagery in traditional Chinese weddings.

Don’t hesitate to use your own style to influence whatever choices you make. While trying to keep to your theme, target new looks and modern interpretations that you can use in your gifts. This will enable your gifts to really spark the attention of your guests. It’s always a good thing when you are giving exotic and unique gifts to your guests as wedding favors.

Finally, keep in mind the Asian wedding traditions. As much fun as it is to borrow from other cultures, always do so with great respect for the culture. Doing so will give your favors authenticity and will make your favors a delicious addition to your special day.

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