“Treat the infection: Your physician can prescribe an appropriate antibiotic to treat the underlying infection. If you are working with a physician who specializes in natural therapies, he or she may suggest the use of colloidal silver, golden seal and/or grapefruit seed extract.” Digestive Wellness By Elizabeth Lipski MS CCN, page 274

“Small bowel infections, esophageal Candida and other infections are likely to reoccur. No specific research has been done to show that use of supplementation with flora and other natural therapies can help with reoccurrence, but they do help to boost the immune system. You may be able to keep the infection at bay with use of colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract or garlic capsules. Each of these substances has wide antimicrobial properties, low toxicity and a low incidence of negative side effects.” Digestive Wellness By Elizabeth Lipski MS CCN, page 313

“Eliminate parasites, Candida, and other microbes by using an herbal parasite cure based on wormwood and investigate using colloidal silver, oxygen therapy, and an electronic zapper.” Disease Prevention And Treatment by Life Extension Foundation, page 1104

“When chlamydia is causing infertility, colloidal silver helps to clean up the system.” Get Healthy Now by Gary Null, page 715

“Persistent bowel problems . . . the proper approach is to rebalance the system by switching from an acidic diet to an alkaline one. Unsweetened cranberry juice with cherries and raspberries, four to five times a day, can ameliorate the severe pain. Pomegranate juice, two times a day, and grapefruit juice with the seeds and the skins are valuable too. Lemon, lime, and bee propolis with 10 drops of colloidal silver are also helpful. . . which creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria. Chlorophyll from spirulina is exceptionally good for the body as well.” Power Aging by Gary Null, page 365

“Now a great remedy is available for itchy eyes that works like pure magic every time. It’s colloidal silver drops. Just two drops in each eye can stop itching for a week or more.” Proven Health Tips Encyclopedia By American Medical Publishing, page 197

“Colloidal silver, which can be found in any health food store, is a powerful antibiotic. It can cure conjunctivitis, or pink eye, as well as simple eye irritation.” Proven Health Tips Encyclopedia By American Medical Publishing, page 197

“However, if you store drinking water for a longer time, you can add some colloidal silver or hydrogen peroxide to keep it free of molds and other microbes or possibly put a piece of clean copper or a silver coin at the bottom of the container.” The Natural Way to Heal by Walter Last, page 40

“At the beginning of your health improvement efforts and several times each year, you can take a remedial course of colloidal silver for several weeks to keep down any undesirable microbes that have arisen in your body. Have a sip or tablespoonful three times daily. Preferably, store colloidal silver in a dark glass bottle in a dark and cool place.” The Natural Way to Heal by Walter Last, page 162

One word of caution about taking colloidal silver. It is extremely safe, unless you take large amounts every day for long periods of time, which you are not supposed to do. DO NOT TAKE COLLOIDAL SILVER IN DOSES THAT FAR EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE, FOR MORE THAN A FEW WEEKS AT A TIME BEFORE TAKING SEVERAL WEEKS TO A COUPLE MONTHS OFF TO CLEAR THE SILVER FROM YOUR BODY. Otherwise the silver will slowly accumulate in your body, which you don’t want, and it will eventually be impossible to get rid of.

This should not scare you away from using colloidal silver, which is one of the healthiest, most healing substances ever discovered by science. It is just a way of saying DON’T ABUSE IT.