FDA Scare Tactics: Fear and Disinformation

One scare tactic the FDA and all their criminal cohorts use is saying ingesting colloidal silver will turn your skin a silver color. Of course, unless you’re taking way too much silver for way too long, this will never happen, but the FDA doesn’t care about facts, they care about profits.

The FDA used scare tactics and disinformation to try to make people afraid of silver products . . the near-miraculous capabilities of silver as an antibacterial solution. And in fact, I challenge the FDA to produce any person in the entire world who has turned silver from taking 100 ppm colloidal silver. There are no such people. The whole fear and disinformation campaign was nothing but hogwash, as usual. . . the FDA claims there is no evidence to back up the use of silver as an antibiotic or antibacterial solution, which is complete nonsense. It was just the FDA’s way of protecting the antibiotics industry . . . the FDA is never likely to back it. They would rather have it outlawed and force people to take antibiotics.” Mike Adams

Adams also thinks the FDA will allow the colloidal silver to be used topically because it doesn’t really threaten the pharmaceutical industry unless it’s being ingested internally. So the FDA will continue to pump out its scare tactics to insure that doesn’t happen. How many times have you read, “don’t blink or sneeze without the advice of your physician”? They want us to believe we can’t survive without their “expert” help and advice, and we can’t think for ourselves when it comes to our health.

Colloidal silver for Internal Use

Many people, and rightly so, are confused about the quality and strength of colloidal silver. It is measured in PPM or parts per million, which shows you how little silver is really being used. But more is not necessarily better, it has more to do with being sure the colloidal silver is manufactured properly.

Since it’s not that hard to do, there are a lot of good colloidal silver companies out there. But there are a lot of fake or low quality products too so be careful. Go with a larger, reputable company unless you have a good feeling about a smaller producer. And anything between 10 and 100 parts per million (PPM) can be a good quality solution.

Because colloidal silver will kill some of the healthy bacteria in your intestines as well as the harmful bacteria, it is strongly recommended that you supplement with probiotics whenever you supplement with colloidal silver. This will replace the healthy bacteria and restore balance to your system faster.

Like colostrum, colloidal silver is so powerful that I would feel terribly vulnerable were I ever to lack an adequate supply for an emergency illness. I never, ever go anywhere, or stay anywhere, without a sufficient supply ready to take in case I get sick from just about anything, from food poisoning to colds to flu to parasites. That means several bottles of colostrum or jars of colloidal silver. Try them next time you get sick and you will be pleasantly surprised. (Hint: for colostrum, take a large amount – 5-10 grams to begin with. You can front load with colloidal silver too).

Remember that if used for food poisoning, the byproducts from the illness can linger and make you feel sick even after you have killed all the bacteria, so don’t think these products aren’t working just because you don’t feel better immediately. Give them a little time to work, usually several hours on some occasions. And you may feel a bit ill for a day or two, but nothing compared to how horrible you would feel without these incredible healing substances.

So remember, you can use colloidal silver topically on cuts and burns, and you can ingest it orally for colds and flu. Because it is sterile, you can even put it in your eyes when they get infected, but be careful you are using sterile instruments and clean hands!