Use it in swimming pools to clean the water! Hydrogen peroxide also works. And don’t just use it to treat symptoms if there is a more serious underlying problem. Always seek the source of your illness when healing.

Bottom line? Colloidal silver is one of the most powerful, healing medicines in existence when used properly. But watch for continued FDA and government attempts to regulate and control it, as it is too healthy and threatens the massive, obscene profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

Educate yourself on the incredible health benefits of colloidal silver.

The FDA is threatening to control colloidal silver use in everyday products because of threats to the environment, but you have to wonder why the FDA is targeting silver without also targeting the environmental hazards of pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics in our food. Of course we already know the answer to that.

“Consider this,” said [Mike] Adams. “Out of all the countless nanotechnology particles used in sun lotion, clothing and cookware, the EPA has decided to regulate only one — colloidal silver, which is a naturally-occurring mineral. In doing so, the EPA ignores all the synthetic nanoparticles introduced into the environment through consumer products made by Big Business.”

It will be interesting to see how president Barak Obama reforms the criminal elements within the FDA. Is he powerful enough to go up against the trillion dollar multi-national corporations of the pharmaceutical industry, and the doctors who make a fortune peddling drugs? Don’t hold your breath for any quick breakthroughs, but let’s hope he can slowly chip away at the corruption.

Use colloidal silver when needed, in short bursts, not as an everyday supplement. And don’t leave home without it. It can literally save your life.

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