The world’s most powerful medicines, the foundation and fabric of your body, reside in nature, in the food you eat. “You are what you eat” is the fundamental commandment of optimal health and well-being.

Paramount health and the healing of disease doesn’t require artificial, pharmaceutical drugs or medical “experts,” as the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe. The wisdom of the universe resides in nature and natural foods, and all the nourishment your body needs to heal itself can be found there.  Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself: your immune system is the product of hundreds of millions of years of biological evolution – the evolution of natural intelligence.

If everyone consumed the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, green superfoods like chlorella and spirulina, and got enough excercise, 90% or more of all disease would be eliminated within a few years from the face of the earth. Lifespans would increase, youthful health and vitality restored to the elderly, and cutting -edge, natural anti-aging science would become mainstream. One day in the not too distant future it will be.

Will you and your family still be alive to enjoy it? I know mine probably won’t. You see, whenever I tell my family and friends about the miraculous healing powers of natural foods like colostrum and spirulina, they laugh in my face.  “You are not a doctor,” they arrogantly and ignorantly exclaim, “what do you know?”

If I try and explain to them that I have been researching natural health substances for 10 years and know more about them than virtually any doctor, I get more scoffs and noses turned up in disgust. Isn’t it amazing how self-righteous the ignorant can be? Don’t be one of them.

In fact, doctors, the so called medical “experts”, get virtually no training at all in nutrition. Have you ever wondered how it is possible that the people most responsible for guarding our health know virtually nothing about how to achieve optimal health naturally? The mainstream medical establishment is bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies that earn hundreds of billions of dollars in profits by creating unnatural, synthetic “drugs” that do far more harm to people’s health than good. Far more harm.

Pharmaceutical drugs, which most people rely on to keep them “healthy”, do nothing to address the underlying causes of disease. They don’t heal anything, but superficially mask symptoms. They maintain people in a semi-sick state, controlling the disease just enough to keep the profits rolling in. How many of you know old people who are addicted to 10 or 15 different prescription drugs to “control” their diseases? Do you really think that is the best way to bring those people back to a state of health? Most pharmaceutical drugs are toxic poisons that turn people into dependent drug addicts. Pharmaceutical companies are the world’s most heinous drug pushers, and receive the full support of the US government. Just say no to drugs? Who is kidding who? Who is saying no to the 2 trillion dollar a year health care establishment? Fortunately, as more peope begin to wake up to the horrors of this shameful industry, more and more people are just saying no.

The most powerful health organization in the world today is the Food and Drug administration (FDA). Although it was originally created to safeguard the public from toxic substances being put into our food and drugs and root out corruption, it has itself become corrupt to the core, aiding and abetting the crimes of – along with the oil companies who have destroyed the health of the planet – the world’s most powerful corporations.

In 1992, the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) allowed the FDA to charge pharmaceutical companies to evaluate drugs for approval. This was a recipe for disaster, and what was intended as “user fees” turned into bribes. Then the FDA allowed the drug makers to advertise directly to doctors and consumers, as if the best drug for patients was the one with the most effective marketing campaign behind it. Drugs – in whose hands life and death were held – were reduced to everyday commodities like detergent or toothpaste. The doctors were well compensated for going along with the charade, and the advertising was virtually unregulated. Want to  sell more heart medication? Lie about how effective it is, and hide the horrific side-effects. What people don’t know can’t hurt them, right? The medical establishment has allowed itself to be bought off by the pharmaceutical industry.

A study of the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing literature targeting doctors to promote and prescribe drugs found that only about 5% was accurate. Just as in the financial industry investments were touted without merit, destroying the life-savings of millions, drugs were being accepted by the FDA, marketed to doctors and prescribed to patients to be poisoned and killed. All this was done knowingly, for profit.

The FDA does the same thing with food as with drugs, knowingly allowing manufacturers to process them with deadly chemicals in to enhance profits; chemicals to make food look fresh when it isn’t; chemicals to artificially prolong shelf-life; chemicals to manipulate flavor and foster addiction. It’s one thing to cheat someone out of money, but to maim and kill people for the sake of profit is obscene beyond words.