Actual news headlines reported about pharmaceuticals:

Diabetes drugs linked to heart failure.(UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas)

Rheumatoid arthritis drug raises cancer risk.(Johnson & Johnson)

Angiogenesis heart drugs may worsen heart conditions.  (Dartmouth Medical

Antipsychotic drugs increase diabetes and heart disease risk for kids. (Johns
Hopkins Children’s Center)

Anti-psychotic medications may cause diabetes.(Yale researchers, American Journal of Psychiatry)

Vioxx blamed for 140,000 Americans’ heart problems. (FDA)

Prozac doubles suicide risk. (British Medical Journal)

HRT increases stroke risk by 30%.(British Medical Journal)

Heart drug causes kidney failure.(University of Michigan)

Viagra causes blindness in some users.(University of Minnesota Medical School)

Acetaminophen linked to asthma and pulmonary disease. (Third National Health
and Nutrition Survey III )

Asthma drugs make symptoms worse. (FDA)

S tatin drugs increase risk of stroke for severely ill diabetics. (New England Journal
of Medicine)

Birth control pills increase cancer risk. (World Health Organization)

Long-term aspirin significantly increases risk for internal bleeding.
(Journal of the American Medical Association)

OTC pain relievers double women’s risk of high blood pressure.
(Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

Hepatitis B vaccine increases risk of MS. (Harvard University)
– Natural Health Solutions by Mike Adams


Paracetamol (painkiller) – 1,500 people had to be hospitalised in Great Britain in 1971.

Orabilex – caused kidney damages with fatal outcome.

MEL/29 (anti-hypertensive) – caused cataracts.

Methaqualone (hypnotic) – caused severe psychic disturbances leading to at least 366 deaths, mainly through murder or suicide.

Thalidomide (tranquilliser) – caused 10,000 malformed children.

Isoproterenol (asthma) – caused 3,500 deaths in the sixties.

Stilboestrol (prostate cancer) – caused cancer in young women.

Trilergan (anti-allergic) – caused viral hepatitis.

Flamamil (rheumatism) – caused loss of consciousness.

Eraldin (heart medication) – caused severe eye and digestive tract damage, and many deaths.

Phenformin (diabetes) – caused 1,000 deaths annually until withdrawn.

Atromid S (cholesterol) – caused deaths from cancer, liver, gall bladder and intestinal disease.

Valium (tranquilliser) – addictive in moderate doses.

Preludin & Maxiton (diet pills) – caused serious damage to the heart and the nervous system.

Nembutal (insomnia) – caused insomnia.

Pronap & Plaxin (tranquillisers) – killed many babies.

Phenacetin (painkiller) – caused severe damages to kidneys and red blood corpuscles.

Amydopyrine (pain killer) – caused blood disease.

Marzine (nausea) – damaged children.

Reserpine (anti-hypertensive) – increased risks of cancer of the brain, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, skin and women’s breasts.

Methotrexate (leukaemia) – caused intestinal haemorrhage, severe anaemia and tumours.

Urethane (leukaemia) – caused cancer of liver, lungs and bone marrow.

Mitotane (leukaemia) – caused kidney damage.

Cyclophosphamide (cancer) – caused liver and lung damage.

Isoniazid (tuberculosis) – caused liver destruction.

Kanamycin (tuberculosis) – caused deafness and kidney destruction.

Chloromycetin (typhoid) – caused leukaemia, cardiovascular collapse and death.

Phenolphthalein (laxative) – caused kidney damage, delirium and death.

Clioquinol (diarrhoea) – caused blindness, paralysis and death.

DES (prevent miscarriage) – caused birth defects and cancer.

Debendox (nausea) – caused birth defects.

Accutane (acne) – caused birth defects.

Kanamycin (tuberculosis) – caused deafness and kidney destruction.
Vivisection – Science or Sham (67)(by Dr Roy Kupsinel, 1990) and Naked Empress(68)