The Internet is the new social medium, the place where people can get together to chat with friends and meet new people. This technological revolution is so huge, that unfortunately it brings in the scammers too, people who just want to rip you off and steal your money.

One of the biggest dating sites on the Internet is just such a scam organization in my opinion. Here’s how it works.

The oldest trick in the book is  for a guy to sign up for a free account, and then a few minutes to a day later he has a “smile” from – you guessed it – the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life. Her job is “full time model”.

Yea right. And my name’s Brad Pitt.

The problem is that a lot of people are that stupid. They actually believe that a 24 year old model, one of the most beautiful girls in the world, would actually be interested in an overweight, greying, middle-aged social misfit who couldn’t attract a squirrel at a chestnut roasting.
So all hot and exited, the victim tries to send an email to his new found Goddess. Oops. Sorry. Can’t send any emails until you pay the membership fee.
Not wanting to miss this opportunity of a lifetime, the idiot fumbles for his wallet, breathless, sweat beading on his upper lip, rips out his credit card and pays the fraudulent scammers. What he doesn’t realize is that this lady is not really on the market for middle-aged desperadoes. She’s not on the market at all. She probably already has a gorgeous 25 year old model who she dances with till 5:00am in the morning at nightclubs on coke and ecstasy. She is a fake.

She’s a lure, a decoy, a  piece of cheese in the mousetrap that just shut on the poor old fool. Now in some countries this is illegal – a fraudulent crime, possibly a felony, which would subject the business to legal punishment.

Unfortunately, most of the beautiful young girls in the world are from poor countries with few laws where this is probably not punishable. And even if it is punishable, the company will pay off a few high ranking officials and the matter will be settled. Swept under the rug. What a pity.
How do I know this company is a scam? I opened an account, and the next day had a “smile” in my inbox from the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. The “Full-time Model”. Suspecting a loser like me couldn’t be that lucky, I opened another account under a different username.

Can you guess what happened? The same georgeous woman sent me a smile, this time about 5 minutes after I had opened the account. Can you say scam?
Here are the names of the dating websites associated with this company. I believe they are scammers out to steal your money, and I am filing reports with every consumer protection agency I can. If you feel you have been scammed by one of these services, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities. The Better Business Bureau. The Consumer Protection Agency. The Attorney General’s office. Even the newspapers. Maybe they will pick up the story.

Do some research in the country of the dating site that ripped you off. File a complaint with an agency that may be able to help you, and stop these scammers from stealing other people’s money.

Here is a list of all the dating websites. Leave your comments below and tell your story. The more people who hear about this the fewer people will get ripped off.

TAKE ACTION against these scammers. The more people who file complaints the more chance some lame governmental agency somewhere may actually do something.

Leave your comments below and tell your story. Good luck, and stick with established dating sites that have a good reputation and have been around for years. There are a lot of them. You’ve been warned.

Update on I signed up for an account and the next day had about six messages in my inbox. Every girl was 22 years old. Every girl was sensationally beautiful with professionally produced photographs in very sexy bathing suits, etc. This has scam written all over it.