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Publishing your own E-books is one of the best and fastest ways to make money on the Internet. The proliferation of Ebooks has exploded over the last several years, which is proof that they are rapidly becoming an accepted, mainstream form of digital media distribution of important information.

In other words, rather than driving to their local bookstore, people are now looking online to the Internet to meet their information needs. More and more people are coming online (particularly in countries outside the US) and beginning to trust the Internet as a safe and convenient way to shop, which is creating an incredible, never seen before opportunity for writers to publish their own material and make good money in the process, reaching an international audience at the click of a mouse.

An Ebook is simply a regular book that has been converted to digital media so it can be displayed and transmitted over the Internet. This allows not only a faster means of proliferation and the ability for everyone to get published, but it also makes it possible to carry an entire library of books in your pocket. What a revolution!

Wikipedia says this about the benefits of ebooks over traditional books.

  • Text can be searched automatically and cross-referenced using hyperlinks.
  • A single e-book reader containing several books is easier to carry around (less weight and volume) than the same books (or sometimes even a single book) in printed form. Even hundreds or thousands of books may be stored on the same device. Using removable media even more can be carried around easily.
  • Also at a fixed place such as at home it can be an advantage that an e-book collection requires very little space.
  • Mobile availability of e-books may be provided for users with a mobile data connection, so that these e-books need not be carried around.

  • E-books can allow non-permanent highlighting and annotation.
  • Font size and font face can be adjusted.
  • E-books may allow animated images or multimedia clips to be embedded.
  • E-books allow for greater fidelity in colour reproduction compared to CMYK colour printing (although some e-book readers have only monochrome displays).
  • Depending on the device an e-book may be readable in low light or even total darkness. For devices for which this applies, energy consumption for reading without daylight is less than that of a lamp needed for reading a printed book.
  • An e-book can automatically open at the last read page.
  • While an e-book reader costs much more than one book, the electronic texts are generally cheaper. Moreover, a great share of books are available for free, without any charge at all. For example, all fiction from before the year 1900 is in the public domain.
  • Text-to-speech software can be used to convert e-books to audio books automatically.
  • An e-book can be offered indefinitely, without ever going “out of print”.
  • Depending on possible digital rights management, it may be easy and cheap to produce a back-up for the case that the e-book is lost or damaged, and/or it may be possible to get a free new copy if that happens.
  • It is easier for authors to self-publish e-books.
  • A free e-book can stimulate the sales of the printed version.
  • The production of e-books does not consume paper, ink, etc.

The most important point made here is the ease with which writers can now publish and sell their own ebooks for profit. If you are already an author, publishing on the Internet offers a whole new world of opportunity to reach a worldwide audience. Let’s face it: the Internet is the future of publishing. This can be seen by the rapid decline of the traditional print media empire, which is losing readership and money with each passing day. The torch is being passed.

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