So if you want to find a profitable market, do some keyword research and find out what people are searching for on the Interenet. Go to Google and do a search for “free keyword research tools” or something like that. This will reveal to you what people WANT (and perhaps need), what problems they need solved or dreams they wish to realize. Then you can create products that helps fulfill those needs and desires and sell to them.

It sounds easy, and once you learn how to do it’s not overly difficult, but it takes time to really learn how to do this well. Don’t expect instant success and don’t listen to the hype of getting rich quickly. Some marketing geniuses can do it, but probably not you. Expect to work hard for at least a year before you begin to see substantial results. And two years would not be unreasonable.

The reality is that most of the bigshot marketing gurus who claim to show you how to get rich in 30 days spent years learning and struggling before they became successful. Lower your expectations and don’t quit. Perserverence is the magic bullet to success. And hard (smart) work.

So don’t presume to know what the market wants. Listen to what the market is telling you and give it. This sometimes requires that you swallow your ego and make changes to your longstanding plans. You must be willing to change course if that’s what the market is telling you to do. Research new market niches that seem interesting to you that you may never have really considered before. There may be a ton of money waiting for you there.

And remember that the ebook you write is just the beginninng of the marketing funnel or strategic process of building your online Internet marketing business. Yes, you can make a lot of money selling a product, but as most experts will tell you, the real money is made by capturing the emails of customers and potential customers and continuing to sell to them after they have gained your trust.

The real profits are made at the “backend” of the sale, or after you have made the first sale. Once you have gained people’s trust and established yourself as an expert in your niche market, you can upsell your customers to more expensive products. Many people will tell you the money is in the list. While there are other ways to make money, having a quality list can be an invaluable asset.

Despite the importance of finding profitable niche markets, it is also equally important that you find market niches that you are genuinely passionate about. Otherwise you will get bored with your project and lose the desire needed to continue working and innovating and producing quality content. The Internet is littered with websites that people started and abandoned after only a few months. They didn’t follow their passion or they wouldn’t have given up so easily.

How do you find your passion? Ask yourself important questions. What do I love doing? What would I do if I didn’t have to work for money? What do I think and dream about the most? What am I naturally good at? What captures my imagination and stimulates me? What do I honor and respect about work and life? What are the most important things to me in life? How can I serve others in a way that will be really fulfilling to me (and beneficial to them)? What are the most important challenges facing society and the earth? What kind of work can you do, and what kind of things can you learn about that you never seem to tire of, that seem to hold your interest endlessly, that you can’t wait to learn more about? These are good places to start.

And write your material at a level that most people can understand. Unless your in the scholastic or literary field, don’t try and impress people with your huge, sophisticated vocabulary. Just say it simply, clearly and thoroughly, in a manner that is easy to understand. Take complicated subjects and make them seem simple and understandable to newbies.