Some people advocate writing at a high school level, which isn’t a bad idea for most niches. That will give your writing a much broader appeal. Of course if writing is more important to you than making money, then write what is in your heart. The money is likely to follow eventually.

The most difficult and important part is to simply begin taking action towards your goal. Stop dreaming, stop thinking, stop reading, stop researching, stop doubting yourself and simply start taking concrete steps towards realizing your goal. Write down a list of things that need to be done and start doing them. This is where 90% of people fail. They simply never take the first step of turning their dreams into concrete reality.

Once you have found a good niche that people are interested in (ie: searching for on the internet), and about which you have some interest, you can, for instance, write an ebook about it. This is a great way to make money by selling it on ClickBank with an army of affiliate marketers as your sales force.

Find a good PDF compiler so you can write your ebook in text or Microsoft word format and then change it into PDF format. This has advantages such as making it more difficult for people to steal your hard earned work.

Keep the theme of your book tightly focused around your niche topic. Don’t ramble and start talking about things unrelated to your topic. Remember, people are buying your book for a specific reason, not because you’re a cool person with a talent for writing.

Make sure your book has a GREAT title. This is the first thing people will see – the first and last chance to make a great impression on your customer – so make it a good one. It should be interesting and intriquing and make them want to buy and read more, like, “The 7 Reasons Why People Fail in Life” or “The secrets to more beautiful skin.” What woman wouldn’t want to buy that?

PDF formats also allow you to imbed your own affiliate links into your book. Let’s say you want to give your book away for free to build your list, and you give each person permission to give your book away or even sell it, as long as they keep your affiliate links imbedded in your book.

This is called viral marketing. Your book will spread around the Internet like wildfire, and each person who reads your book will see your own affiliate link. It is like free advertising being spread on the wind. It is possible that within days of offering your book for free on the internet it could be in the hands of thousands of people, each one holding your afiliate link in their hands and passing it on to others.

You get the idea.

The general format or template of your ebook should include a few basic elements. First, after an earth-shaking title, it should have an attention grabbing introduction that will make people want to keep reading.

Many people begin by telling their life story about how they were once poor slobs like you living in a dingy one room apartment with $100,000 of debt and a landlord who was about to evict them onto the street. This is their way of trying to connect with you as a real person, not just an anonymous someone.

Frankly, I’m tired of reading these rags to riches stories, and I think a lot of other people are getting tired of them too. Be creative. Think of a different way to connect with your reader on a personal level without rehashing the same old story.

Then create a Table of Contents so readers can browse and see which chapters are interesting to them and which they might want to skip. It makes your book look professional, and we all want to look like professionals.