Add attention grabbing sub-headings and titles to keep your reader wanting to read more. This is good for the seach engines because you can stuff them with important keywords, and helps people with a 30 second attention span spawned by the TV age awake. Something like: More Ways to Lose Fat!

If you are trying to lose fat, a sub-title like this will likely keep you reading a bit longer. That’s the idea – keep your reader reading!!! They are more likely to see you as an authority and click on your viral affiliate links.

Finally summarize your ideas in an easy to understand way so people come away feeling like they have really learned something from you. They are more likely to buy from you again.

Ideas For Ebook Content

If you are writing an ebook to help sell an affiliate product, one great idea is to write a review of that product. Of course you should buy the product so you can write knowledgeably about it, but be objective. Remember you are trying to build trust between yourself and your readers, so mention the bad things about the product as well as the good.

Pretend you are describing the product to a friend. Speak with an honest and informal tone, and people will be more likely to believe you. Do what most people do: pretend to be a good friend.

Give the reader the benefits of the product. How will it solve their problems and make their life better? That’s what people want to know: what’s in it for ME? How is this going to help ME? Tell them.

Free Article Directories

These are a goldmine of information and content for your ebooks, websites, blogs or whatever. But remember one thing, and this is important:

The search engines do not like too much duplicate content, and 99.999% of the content in free article directories is duplicate content. What that means is basically you have to REWRITE the content enough to make it unique.

Sound like a lot of work? It is. Welcome to reality. You want to make money? Work for it. And let me tell you a little secret: the harder you work, the more successful you will be, because the truth is, most people are lazy and don’t want to work too hard.

Your real competition is a core group of fanatics who will work 18 hours a day 7 days a week. Don’t worry about them. They will beat you 8 ways to Monday, but it doesn’t matter. There is enough money to go around.

Remember, the universe is abundant. Life is abundant. There is infinite energy and infinite wealth. All you need is a sliver. Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive.

And work your ass off.

Now, nobody really knows what constitutes “unique” content to the search engines, and in fact even the search engines are always trying to figure that out. It is not an objective fact but a moving work in progress. To be safe, I believe your content should be at least 50% unique, and not just based on “snippets.”

A “snippet” is when you take a few lines of someone elses writing and put it in your writing, surrounding it with your own writing as if to camouflage it and hide it from the search engines. Good luck. The search engines are growing smarter every day, and they are now evaluating uniqueness based on “snippets.”

Too many “snippets” from other people’s writing and you will be flagged for duplicate content. So be careful of people who tell you that by rotating “snippets” of text you can avoid duplicate content. That may have been true in the past, but it will become less true in the future.

Compiling Information for Ebooks

What many people do with PLR (private label rights) content is take a bunch of articles – say 5-20 – and put them together to form an ebook. It’s a great way to use PLR content and create ebooks, but again, make sure you rewrite the content so it is sustantially unique.

A few of the best article directories are:

Search through these and other article directories and find content that is similar to your niche/theme. That is very important. Then, when you are rewriting the articles, fill them with the keywords you learned about when doing keyword research for your theme/niche/subject. Keywords aren’t quite as important as they used to be because so many people have abused them and just stuffed bogus articles with keywords, but they do still matter.

The search engines are moving to a new way of detecting relevant content called LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing. All this is is a fancy way of saying, “instead of just looking for exact keywords you say are important, we will look for words that are relevant to your theme, but not necessarily the exact same ones you have selected. They do this by analyzing search engine usage in ways far beyond my comprehension.

This is one way the search engines have developed to determine if you are just artificially stuffing your articles with keywords, or you are really writing about a topic in a genuine way that imparts relevant and unique content. So in other words, don’t try to fool the search engines by artificially stuffing your content with keywords. They will figure out what you are doing and punish you. Just write great content and let the rest take care of itself.

Also, collect newsletters and free mini e-courses that many affiliate marketers provide to create their lists. These are other great sources of content. You can even rewrite this content and use it in your own email autoresponders and squeeze pages to create your own marketing lists.