If you have extra money to spend on starting or maintaining your online internet marketing business, you can pay other people to create content for you. This is a great strategy as you know your content will be unique (as long as your writer is honest).

You can also publish your own article directory and get people to submit articles to it. It may be a bit black hat (dishonest), but you can rewrite these articles also. Get pissed about it if you want, but this happens all the time. I’m not endorsing this method, just telling you what people do to succeed in this cutthroat business.

Www.elance.com and www.getafreelancer.com are two good sources for finding outsourcing talent.

Another clever tactic is to write to some market gurus and tell them you are writing a book about topic xyz. Ask them if they would like to submit a small portion of information with the reward that they can obtain a backlink to their website, and more fame and notoriety as an expert in their field. Most of these guys have pretty big egos, and you’d be surprised how many would be willing to see their name in print just one more time.

Public domain resources such as Project Gutenberg – www.gutenberg.org – has thousands of publicly available books you can creatively modify and rewrite to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget to put some affiliate links into your ebooks so you can sell some additional products after you’ve given away or sold your ebook. This is called back end sales, and is where a lot of money is made. And don’t forget to put links back to your own websites.

There, that should give you some ideas about how to go about writing and profiting from writing an ebook or any content for that matter, such as a blog, which are becoming more and more popular. Just remember if you do blog, you have to keep writing on a fairly regular basis, so you’d better like writing!

Blessings and Love