Global Cash Flow Network is hitting new lows  – in integrity – and new highs in the scam department.

If you haven’t seen my original post proving this is a rogue company that is out to steal your money, you can do so here:

As of today, 4 months after I first requested a refund from this deceitful company, they refuse to issue one. No kidding. 4 months and no refund.


Listen to some of global cash flow network’s excuses in current emails their idiot staff continue to send me.

“Chris M to me show details Jun 3 (1 day ago) Hello Ixx.  Every time I call xxx-xxx-xxxx I am told that you are not at that number and the best way to contact you is by email.  So I am contacting you by email.  I apologize that the refund has not been issues yet, it certainly should have been by now.  I know you have made several inquiries regarding this and to each inquiry I have communicated to my accounting department that this needs to be resolved.  I will continue to email and fax them to get this resolved for you.  As soon as I get a response I will be sure to contact you.  If you have any further inquiries you can contact me on my direct line, 866-629-5381.    Thank you for contacting Global Cash Flow Network! Make it a GREAT DAY!! Chris”

Here’s my response to the scam artist Chris M.

“Chris,   There is no reason for you to call my family and harrass us. We have been asking for a refund for over 4 months. Don’t you think it’s time to issue one?   Did you properly identify yourself when you called? My family is under no obligation to give out any personal information about me to anyone who calls.   Stop playing your games and issue a refund now. You are being reported to all the Federal authorities and all correspondence is being recorded.”

Make it a great day Chris? How about refunding the money you owe me after 4 months of continual phone calls and email requests? That would make my day Chris.

But BS’ing me and pretending you need to contact me by phone to issue a refund, and pretending you have been trying to contact your accounting department when you know damn well you haven’t, doesn’t make my day.

More scam BS from Chris M:

“Chris M to me
show details 12:38 AM (10 hours ago)

Hello Dxx.  The reason a call was made yesterday to the phone number we have listed on your account is because we received 3 calls requesting that we call that number, which was even verified by a support agent as the correct number to call.  I have marked your account to never call that number so we won’t bother your family and all correspondences moving forward shall be done by email only.  I will be getting your information to my accounting department to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

“Chris M to me
show details 3:17 AM (7 hours ago)

Hello Dxx.  We received a call from someone wanting to speak on your behalf, we can not talk to anyone regarding your account with out your permission.  If you so desire someone else to call in about your account, please provide the name of the person that would be calling so we can make sure the account is noted they can speak on your behalf.


And again, my response to the continued delay tactics of this ripoff  Global Cash Flow Network scam.

“Ok Chris,

The “someone wanting to speak on your behalf” is my mother, Mxxxxx. And yes, if it gets you to issue a long overdue refund, you have my permission to speak with her on my behalf.

And no, we did not call 3 times asking you to call my home. We called you 3 times asking for the same refund we have been asking for for 4 months.

All of this is being recorded Chris. Do you really think people will not see what you are doing? Do you really think people can’t see you stalling and delaying?

I need to speak with a supervisor. A supervisor is never available when I call. You call my home when I am out of town and pretend you cannot issue a refund without speaking with me in person. One delay after another.

We just want a refund Chris. That is what you promised in your sales and promotional material – a refund. 4 months ago.

Give the refund already. Process the refund Chris.”

You see, I don’t like it when companies such as Global Cash Flow Network lie, cheat, and steal their customers’ money. That is what they have been doing to me. Lying to and cheating me out of my money.

When are you going to refund my money global cash flow network is a scam? When? Everyone wants to know why you continue to delay issuing refunds.

When are you going to refund my money, and why has it taken 4 months?

Anyone who has been scammed by Global Cash Flow Network is urged to file a complaint with the Arizona Better Business Bureau (BBB). It only takes a few moments and will help stop this scam company from stealing other people’s money. Just go to Google and do a search for “Arizona Better Business Bureau.”

Please leave your comments and experiences below regarding the global cash flow network company scam.