Global Cash Flow Network

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Warning! A company doing business as [global cash flow network] is running the biggest scam on the Internet today. The Internet forums are full of people who have lost thousands of dollars to this scam network, and I too have been lied to and had my money stolen by this rogue company.

I have proof below that, despite the “money back guarantee” Global Cash Flow Network offers on their sales page, the company will not refund your money until they are forced to. It has been over 4 months since global cash flow network has charged my credit card, and they still refuse to issue a refund.

Read the support tickets I have sent to the company that I have printed below, and see for yourself how this company lies, scams, and refuses to refund money.

During the past 4 months, I have sent literally dozens of support tickets, dozens of emails, called their phone line dozens of times and received emails promising a refund, only to be told “they will refer the matter to a supervisor.”

Right. They don’t. That is a lie. They are just refusing to refund my money.

That is the con this company plays. You will notice in their responses to my support tickets (the evidence is all copied for your viewing below), the company states the following:

“If you have not already spoken to a supervisor, please call in during our normal business hours and ask to speak with a supervisor. Please note that it is imperative that you speak to a supervisor in order to complete this cancellation transaction [refund]. It is our company protocol.” The problem with this “company protocol” (read “scam strategy”) is that in the over 50 phone calls made to global cash flow network during normal business hours, I have been told each and every time a supervisor is not avalable to take my call, but the matter will be referred to a supervisor.

Do you see the scam? I can’t get a refund without speaking to a supervisor (why this should be is a mystery), but they make it impossible to speak with a supervisor and make sure one is never available to take your call. Very clever.

It is vitally important for everyone reading this article who has been scammed by Global Cash Flow Network to issue a complaint to the Arizona Better Business Bureau (BBB) immediately. Only by doing so will you have a chance to recover some of your money, and help put this company where it belongs – out of business.

It only takes a few minutes of your time to file a complaint so please do it. You can help save hundreds of other people from falling prey to these thieves.

The Arizona Better Business Bureau (BBB) locations can be reached at these links. Go to the website and fill out the easy forms for filing a complaint. They will walk you through the process.

BBB of Central, Northern & Western Arizona WWW: Email: [email protected] Phone: (602)264-1721 Fax: (602)263-0997 4428 N. 12th Street Phoenix AZ 85014-4585

BBB of Central, Northern & Western Arizona WWW: Email: [email protected] Phone: (928)772-3410 Fax: (928)771-1343 1569 West Gurley Street Prescott AZ 86305

BBB of Sierra Vista WWW: Email: [email protected] Phone: (520)732-9823 Fax: (520)888-6262 2160 E. Fry Blvd. Ste C5, PMB 172 Sierra Vista AZ 85635

BBB of Southern Arizona WWW: Email: [email protected] Phone: (520)888-5353 Fax: (520)888-6262 434 S. Williams Blvd., Suite 102 Tucson AZ 85711

I don’t know if it matters which bureau you submit your information to. The address of global cash flow network listed on their website is:

Global Cash Flow Network 2005 W. 14th Street Suite #121 Tempe, AZ 85281 Tel: (800) 719-8270

Probably it is acceptable to file your complaint to any of these locations. Please do so immediately if you feel you have been scammed by this company. Have you had trouble getting a refund from them? Did they con you into spending a lot of money you were never able to recover?

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  • june

    I have registered my complaint to BBB andalso The Governors Office it will be interesting to see if I can any response seeings I am a non USA resident

    • Webmind

      Congratulations june! Everybody in the house let's give her an applause. Show some love! Let there be no mistake, the unethical people over at global cash flow network should be dealt with with compassion but firmly. They must not be allowed to take people's money and purposely refuse to issue refunds for months on end, which is tantamount to theft, a criminal offense. There was a day of justice in America when even the banks were disallowed by congress from taking a week to deposit money which allowed them to steal billions in "carry" charges. But for some reason the seemingly impotent forces of corruption in Washington allow a criminal network like global cash flow network to operate untouched, with no investigation whatsoever. Why the BBB doesn't issue prompt press releases like it did unjustly against the owner of some time ago is a mystery. It seems there may be some corruption at the BBB also. However, with the support of vigilant world citizens like june we will prevail and justice will be met. You did the right thing june. Congrats. You made a difference, whether you get direct responses or not. Thanks. And everyone keep fighting the good fight.

      • June

        Thanks for your comments on my complaint to BBB and Governors Office. Well it is now 25th September 2010 and despite GlobalCashflow assuring me that a partial refund had gone through on 16th August it still has not hit my account. I have been very vigilent and I have asked them for confirmation which I have received. i also got a printout from their accounts department with details of the refund transaction but it still is not here in my account. BBB did investigate but as soon as the copany told them they had issued a refund and that the case should be closed they cllosed it. I complained again and they re-opened the case but quite frankly they are not much good. As for the Governors Office I reeived a letter acknowleding my complaint but that is all I have heard. I have now registered a formal complaint with my bank and they are looking into matters for me with a view to getting me back all of my money as I paid on a credit card and it should be covered because it was over £100 (well over!!!).

        I will keep you informed of my progress I will not let this go I will take it to the highest court in the USA and UK if I have to it is now a matter of principal. Hopefully if I can get a judgment against the company it will open thefloodgates for everyone else who has been SCAMMED by this company their money back. I would advise each and everyone who has been scammed to do as I have done and get their banks on to it. The lack of communication for the company is apalling seeings the company is based on internet usage their use of the iternet is very slight and when you do get a response it is only lip service and not action.

        I will keep you all posted.


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    global cash flow network has fazed out and is running under premier,protege,champion vision & cash secrets. Most of the previous employees and upper management have been let go or quit. The owner is still Dan Kuschell. Global cash flow network was run by Mary Gerston with Dan Kuschell as her mentor. He owns everything! You can shut him down but he has another $20 Million Dollars to open 10 other Companies with different names.

    • Webmind

      Thanks for the update dude. It's nice to know that global cash flow network, Dan Kuschell and Mary Gerston are on the run like the fugitive scam artist thieves they are. When they both see the inside of a jail cell with a broomstick up their **** justice will be served. Court dismissed. If this is true and anyone comes across this roaming criminal organization in the name of premier, protege, champion vision or cash secrets, then run away fast and do not do business with them. These people are criminals. You have been warned. Dan Kuschell and Mary Gerston are scam artists.

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  • Kim

    Thanks so much for posting this blog. It was very helpful. I hope I can get my refund. Did you have any luck getting your money back?

    • Webmind

      Yes Kim, I got my money back, but only after I complained to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Arizona where these scumbags operate. I've heard that they closed shop and moved on to another business, which is a common tactic amongst these kinds of con artists and thieves, so I hope it's not too late for you. File your compaint with the Arizona BBB now!

    • Webmind

      Yes, thanks to the Arizona Better Business Bureau (BBB), Global Cash Flow Network was forced to refund my $98. After 4 months. What a scam these people run. It's a pity they are allowed to stay in business or open new scam businesses. The dude above said they are opening new scam operations under the name of protege, champion vision & cash secrets. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, run.

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    • New Superhuman

      Sorry to hear that you have been scammed by the Global Cash Flow Network. Call the Arizona BBB and Prosecutor’s office.

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      We agree with you that the Global Cash Flow Network is a scam. Call the Arizona BBB if they have stolen your money or refused you a refund.

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      Sure, but following scam artists like Global Cash Flow Network is not the way to get started on your dreams. They steal people's money. They tried to steal my money and only refunded me 4 months late when I had the BBB contact them on my behalf.