Google is Destroying the Internet

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Google pretends to want people to create unique, content rich websites. What bullshit. Google is destroying the Internet precisely because they reward people who create crappy, keyword optimized, niche specific websites according to Google’s computer bot version of the world. And the more of these crappy websites that get built, the better for google.

Because Google is not really interested in unique, content rich websites that are intelligent and informative. Google, like most other fools in the world, is interested in one thing and one thing only – making money.

And don’t let Google fool you into thinking otherwise.

Well I have a word of advice for Google. The world is not a keyword optimized, niche specific entity. Human beings are not keyword optimized, niche specific robots. Humans are complex living organisms that don’t like being stuffed into your bullshit little idea of what a keyword optimized, niche specific biological robot ought to look like.

Do a keyword search in Google on almost any topic and look at the results Google serves up. Many of those websites are content retarded pieces of shit that got that way because they are trying to please Google and rank highly in their index. So why are these websites pieces of shit? Because that’s what Google wants. That’s what makes Google money.

Don’t believe me? Create a unique, content rich website that is truly intelligent, creative and informative, without stuffing it with keyword optimized, niche specific garbage. And then try and get ranked in Google.

Good luck.

You will be virtually ignored by Google, because Google is not smart enough to figure out how to monetize your website. And remember, that is Google’s goal, and Google’s only goal. Money.

How else do I know? Look at the cottage industry that has grown up around SEO and how to get ranked on Google. It is a multi-billion dollar behemoth that teaches you a million bullshit tricks and tactics on how to get ranked in Google’s now shitty search engine.

But people still flock to Google because most people are stupid moron lemmings who don’t know a good website from a keyword optimized, niche specific piece of shit. Look at the main article directories. They are stuffed with crappy 400 word advertisements for some product or other posing as articles, devoid of informative content. They are intellectual garbage dumps.

What really needs to happen is people need to boycott Google and send them the message that we are tired of them serving up keyword optimized piece of shit websites that are just giant advertisements for products. We need to tell Google that we want unique, content rich sites that are intelligent, creative and informative.

Yea, that’s going to happen.

I should stop writing now because this article is approaching 500 words, which is the limit of concentration available to stupid, keyword optimized, niche specific morons who now own the Internet.

Oh, and if you don’t believe Google is evil? Watch them pull my Adsense account after reading this article.


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    • Webmind

      Google is a great company – a pioneer in search and Internet advertising. But they have gone down the wrong path by putting profit and quarterly earnings above all else. There is nothing wrong with profits, but don't become a slave to the global banking machine which Google unfortunately has done. Google is a key piece of the free flow of information on the Internet. We all have a stake in making sure Google doesn't sell its soul to the devil and begin worshiping false idols. It is essential that Google take the high road. They must put freedom and democracy and truth and the free flow of information above profit. It's difficult but it can be done. If they fail, Big Brother will soon own the Internet.

      It's happening now.