It seems someone’s finally coming to his senses and taking some good advice. If you read my post about Google HERE . . . , you wil know that Google  is destroying the content of the Internet by trying to play God, and force everyone to conform their articles and information to a certain “ranking” protocol if they want to get a high indexing in Google’s now crappy search engine. Why Microsoft can’t take advantage of Google’s obvious weakness now and kick them to the curb is a mystery to me.

People are beginning to hate Google, and for good reason. Have you done a search in Google lately and been unhappy with the search results? Websites stuffed with meaningless keywords designed to “rank” highly in the search engine, and just enough content to satisfy a squirrel hunting for nuts? That’s what you get because that’s what Google is demanding from publishers. They don’t care about the quality of the content, they only care if the article points to a product someone wants to buy.

Google has become an overly-commercialized monster spitting garbage, which I wouldn’t care about if Google didn’t have monopoly control over Internet information.

What a joy to see a rebel like Rupurt Murdock tell Google to kiss off and delist him from their search engine. Now if the rest of us cowards would do the same, the Internet may regain some of its former integrity, and the quality of the writing might actually increase to the level of a college freshman rather than a grade-school dropout.

Apparently, “News Corp publications might strike an exclusive indexing deal with Bing and delist itself from Google’s search engine.” This should be seen by everyone as a call to action, and people should start using Google LESS and other search engines MORE.

A monopoly is never a good thing. Look at what Microsoft did to operating systems, ending up after 30 years of research and development with a Vista system that is so crappy, slow and unstable as to perhaps be one of the major causes of the decline of worker productivity in the Western world. Microsoft could have fixed Vista in a flash, but refused to do so for the simple reason that it would force people to upgrade to Windows 7 – a slightly refined Vista with some of the major bugs removed. That’s what monopolies create – crap – because there is no competition driving them to produce a better product, and so quality declines. Microsoft Vista is a bloated, shameful piece of garbage that has damaged worker and business productivity and damaged the world economy.

But Google is far worse because Google controls, not just desktop applications, but our very access to information itself. When you give a company like Google a monopoly on information, eventually what you will get is “Vista quality” information on the Internet – in other words, low quality garbage that appeals to the lowest common denominator. You get crap. Hollywood blockbuster type crap, all flash and no style. Thank God for the open source community, without which the decline of the West would have ushered in much more quickly. I love open source.

Millions of empty-shell websites that do nothing but stuff keywords in all the right places and automatically spin already written content so it “sounds” different, offers no new information, adds no value or turns to unreadable guff. I can’t think of anything more oppressive and damaging to information and creativity than Google’s monopoly on Search, which gives people incentive to produce the lowest quality content they possibly can sufficient get a high ranking in their search engine. All so Google can make money by selling advertising and products.

If that’s what you want from the Internet – rehashed, rewritten, spun, machine translated keyword stuffed tripe – then keep using Google to find information, because that is exactly what they deliver and what you will get all too often.

Congratulations to Rupert Murdock for telling Google to go fuck themselves. You should do the same.

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