Together with climatic change, universal polluting of the environment as well as soaring energy costs, our long term energy requirements have proven to be an issue of critical necessity. Fuel cells could possibly facilitate a remedy, one arriving earlier than we might think.

The Fuel Cell

A fuel cell is a reasonably imprecise expression that is often tossed about by carelessly. No matter the specific type, an energy cell is basically a cell much like a battery where a chemical progression takes place to generate electrical power.

In this instance, on the other hand, the actual energy source is hydrogen. The fundamental concept is to unite hydrogen with oxygen in a procedure that creates electrical energy. This electrical energy can be applied to and replace anything we now use to satisfy our energy needs. This is not, of course, to dismiss the limitless potential of energy to be derived from other green sources such as solar power, etc.

The specific purposes and applications for man-made AI systems will be limitless. Prediction software applications will assist all of us in medical science, ecological supervision and maintenance, climate change warnings against long-term as well as immediate disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc, as well as inceasing the efficiency of our transportation devices, economic monetary flows with guards against critical credit imbalances, not to mention enabling us to safeguard and defend our country against terrorism, both from external threats as well as internal corruption.

The path forward regarding artificial intelligence is at the point of explosion, or as has been written rather more eloquently – the Singularity is near. We will soon be incorporating technological advances that outpace our greatest imaginations. Information and education is exploding around the world, and the rate of change and increase in knowledge is soon going to change our entire perception of ourselves and our reality.

For example, in case you are uneasy that company CEO’s are making excess amounts of money, you may not need to fret very much longer due to the fact that in the near future many of their primary functions are going to be supplanted using an artificially intelligent business application; you heard that right, meet the new Boss, not the same as the old boss (but watch out for big brother; fight or be enslaved).

(Actually, I don’t think it will every be easy to prevent power from becoming centered, coagulated and corrupt in the hands of the few owners of multi-national corporations, specifically in the pharmaceutical, energy and war industries.)

Energy cells could run, theoretically, in any substance comprising hydrogen. This will provide limitless renewable energy sources. The main objective is always to place emphasis on water, solar or any other sustainable, green energy sources due to their natural eco-friendly benefits. Whenever hydrogen is utilized, for example, it makes absolutely no perceptible polluting of the environment such as greenhouse gases. The resultant emission, rather, is just normal water.

This describes a peek at the future of green energy and artificial intelligence, and is coming soon to your local supermarket. Naturally, we will likely encounter problems along the way with regard to artificial intelligence and green energy production, especially in the area of commercial application. The biggest danger facing our society is Big Brother, the ability of a few power-hungry government control freaks who need to compensate for their own inadequacies by controlling the lives of others, stealing our natural freedoms and human rights.

That’s why we all need to remain vigilant in our fight to retain our constitutional freedoms, our basic human rights to privacy, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Become politically active and make your voice known. Speak out and take a stand against corruption and the unreasonable invasion of our privacy and basic human rights and freedoms.

It is imperative that we educate our young leaders of tomorrow to respect human dignity, freedom, human rights, honesty and integrity. Spiritual awareness must be cultivated and honored. When we learn to live together as one family on earth, we can love each other and live out our greatest dreams.

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