Green tea has been a prized staple of Chinese and other Asian diets for thousands of years.  It is considered an antigen (immune system enhancer) and adaptogen, which means it can adapt itself in many different ways to whatever your body needs, providing balance and overall good health.

Of all the supplements that have been scientifically studied, green tea has proven to be one of the most potent antioxidants ever discovered. This is surely one of the greatest anti-aging supplements. As such, it will help fight and prevent many diseases.

For example, green tea has been shown to fight cancer and heart disease, lower cholesterol, burn fat, and help prevent stroke and dementia.

Green Tea Antioxidants

The antioxidants in green tea are called catechins and polyphenols, which scavenge free radicals (slowing the aging and disease process) and help protect our DNA (the building blocks or “code” within each cell of our body), and are known to help prevent and treat not just cancer, but blood clots and atherosclerosis, or hardening and blockage of the arteries due to the buildup of harmful plaque. Cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death.

Green tea is more potent than black tea or oolong teas because there is less processing of the leaves, which are steamed and not fermented. However, the potent catechins in green tea such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), are not easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is necessary to drink several cups of green tea a day to achieve maximum benefits, or take a supplement in pill form. A 500 mg pill would be equal to approximately 5 cups of green tea.

The potent antioxidants in green tea such as the EGCG’s have been shown in scientific studies to fight cancer by cleaning the body of oxidation, which destroys her healthy cells and is considered by many to be one of the most important causes of aging. Green tea is thought to be one of the strongest anti aging antioxidants ever discovered.

As Wikipedia says, “According to a survey released by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2007, the mean content of flavonoids in a cup of green tea is higher than that in the same volume of other food and drink items that are traditionally considered of health contributing nature, including fresh fruits, vegetable juices or wine.”

Fighting Disease

Green tea has been shown to reduce strokes, lower hypertension and bad LDL cholesterol, which are important precursors to cardiovascular disease. One study showed an 11% decrease in heart attacks from only 3 cups of green tea per day. Despite these findings, the criminal Mafia of the FDA will not allow producers of green to claim cardiovascular benefits. This esteemed privilege is reserved for pharmaceutical companies only, who are in criminal collusion with the FDA to destroy your health for profit.

Pharmaceutical Companies are Evil

According to the FDA, only a drug produced by the profit machines of the pharmaceutical companies can help cure, treat or prevent disease – not natural substances found in nature. If it is not patentable – if it cannot be profitable – then it is illegal according to the criminal mafia of the American government, and many European governments as well. Paradoxically, many pharmaceutical drugs are some of the most toxic, unhealthy substances ever produced. The goal of the pharmaceutical companies is to get people addicted to their preposterously overpriced drugs, and force them to become drug addicts for life. They are far more dangerous than the crack dealers on ghetto street corners.

Don’t let big brother – the American government – deny you your civil rights, your basic human rights to health, privacy, and the pursuit of happiness.

Green tea helps fight bacteria and clean the body of toxins produced by bacteria as well as other pollutants. It has also been shown to contain fluoride, which reduces cavities and plaque that can cause gum disease, and help to keep your breath smelling fresh and clean.

The polysaccharides in green tea has been shown to lower blood sugar, important for those suffering from diabetes or who have a pre-diabetic condition. It contains another important antioxidant, vitamin E, which has been shown to have many beneficial health effects, and which is very difficult to get from a regular diet.

One important study by Cleveland’s Western Reserve demonstrated significant benefits to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and can help prevent the onset of this devastating disease. This is likely due to green tea’s anti-inflammatory effects. Green tea has also been shown to help relax the muscles surrounding the lungs, which is beneficial for asthmatics.

Green tea can disturb those with sensitive stomachs. Therefore, drink the tea with food or other substances that can help coat and protect the lining of the stomach. It is generally not recommended that you drink more than three or 4 cups a day on a regular basis if you have a sensitive stomach. If you want to increase your levels of the active health ingredients in green tea (especially the EGCG’s) without upsetting your stomach, consider taking supplements in pill form.

However, green tea has been shown to reduce harmful intestinal flora, which encourages healthy bacterial growth in the stomach and intestines. This can help boost the immune system. Left untreated, unhealthy bacteria can damage and cause leaks in the intestines, leaching toxic poisons into the bloodstream. This can also lead to destructive, hard to treat diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, as well as blood poisoning.

Studies have also shown the ability of green tea to protect the liver, one of your body’s most vitally important organs. It is your liver which cleans toxic poisons from your blood, which would otherwise weaken your immune system, causing disease and premature aging. 

Weight Loss 

There is also evidence that green tea can benefit fat loss, helping you to lose weight. While there are many health benefits to drinking green tea, it also has the ability to boost metabolism, burn fat, and reduce one’s appetite and inappropriate craving for food. Don’t expect miracles in the weight-loss department. Studies have shown a 4% increase in metabolism without increasing one’s heart rate. But every little bit helps.

Green tea can help you lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. However, this must be used in conjunction with an overall healthy lifestyle, especially regular exercise and a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and green superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella, etc.

If you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. It really is that simple. Green tea actually helps you do this by providing you with more energy by helping your body burn fat at a faster rate. Green tea, a generally harmless and natural stimulant, can help you recover from heavy exercise and boost energy levels when you need them most, especially those late afternoons at the office when you’re ready to nod off.

There are even chemicals in green tea which help protect the skin from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays. This is good news for those who love outdoor activities and spending some fun in the sun. Short-term exposure to the sun is vital for helping our body produce important chemicals such as vitamin D, which has been shown to reduce cancer by up to 65%, melatonin, which is been shown to increase lifespan between 20 and 50% in laboratory animals, and serotonin, a “feel-good” hormone.

So, you can enjoy a little extra energy during the day because it is a natural stimulant due to mild levels of caffeine. Think about it; you’ll have an energy boost that can help you feel like doing more during the day, and when you’re more active that will boost your metabolism even more – good for losing weight. The more active you are, the more you increase your standing metabolic rate. This means you’re losing more weight even when you’re sitting on the couch watching TV.

Even the International Journal of Obesity has discussed the polyphenols in green tea that increase metabolism. If you suffer from obesity, green tea is a great addition to your diet.

Fat Loss, Exercise & Fitness

Green tea can not only help you lose weight but keep it off too. It is safe enough to use on a long term basis (be careful those with sensitive stomachs) unlike some other supplements and fad diets. So once you’ve reached your weight loss goals, there is no reason to stop drinking green tea. Maintaining your workout routine will be easier because of your increased energy.

Because of all the outstanding health benefits of green tea, it is a wise decision to make it a permanent part of your diet. There are many choices for weight loss supplements, but green tea is ideal for both weight and fat loss, without the binging, suffering and the ups and downs of constantly losing some weight only to gain it back.

Green tea is truly one of today’s super supplements, which can increase brain function, help you lose weight, fight cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and who knows how many other benefits yet to be discovered. Make sure you buy a high-qualitybrand, as some green teas have been shown to  have low amounts of beneficial ingredients.

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