On the other hand, some people say black tea has quantities of antioxidants similar to green tea. Others say green tea has 4 times the antioxidant power as black tea. More testing needs to be done to be sure, but for now I would give the edge to green tea because it goes through less processing. It is said to be 25 times more powerful than vitamin E in its antioxidant abilities.

Anti-oxidants & Polyphenols

Polyphenols consist of natural phytochemicals (healthy plant compounds, ie: veggies). These potent antioxidants are the substances that protect the body from free radicals (molecules that are destructive to your cells), producing cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart and many other horrible diseases, as well as increased aging.

“Tea is brimming with antioxidants, the disease-fighting compounds that help your body stave off illness, “writes Jeanie Lerche Davis in webmd.com. In fact, she writes that tea has 10 times the amount of nutrients and phytochemicals than vegetables that reduce disease and aging. If you’re not drinking green tea, you are missing one of nature’s most powerful weapons against aging.

Other potent antioxidants in green tea to strengthen your body are: vitamin C (Green tea contains ten times more vitamin C than black tea) vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin K and carotenoids (beta-carotene). Vitamin D is the new superstar of vitamins that has been shown to reduce cancer by as much as 60%. You can read about it here.

And God Bless the beer drinkers, as Dr. Ronald R. Buhler and Dr. Cristobal Mranda proclaim the Mozart of symphonies to our ears:

“The antioxidant activity of flavonoids depends on their molecular structure, and structural characteristics of “certain flavonoids found in hops and beer confer surprisingly potent antioxidant activity exceeding that of red wine, tea, or soy.”

Say what? Please research that and give me a report in the morning. While green tea does contain caffeine, much of the recent scientific evidence concerning caffeine has been positive,showing health benefits for both the heart and brain. Green tea has about ½ the amount of caffeine as coffee.

With over 4000 years of use in the East, we know the wisdom of the ancients understood the powerful secrets locked in the leaves and roots of tea. It naturally boosts energy and leaves you feeling refreshed,enthusiastic and more alive.

One pioneering study was done in Shizuoka, Japan. Researchers realized that the people in this region had significantly less cancer, and they also drank significantly more than average amounts of green tea. It wasn’t hard to figure out why they were healthier than the average Japanese person. Green tea neutralizes free-radicals that damage your cells.

Add delicious green tea to your daily diet – several cups a day are fine for most people – and learn what the Asians have known for thousands of years. Green tea makes you healthier.

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