Gun control. Suddenly, out of the clear pungent blue of dead bodies, cries of gun bans can be heard across the spectrum from people who had never given the matter much thought. It’s all so important and obvious. Even the incredibly smart writers over at have been flummoxed by the media circus.

It wouldn’t surprise me if, like the 9/11 attack, and the “Batman” shooting, the whole thing was staged by the CIA and the FBI.

Nothing is as sensational as media sensationalism. We can take an issue that most people didn’t give a shit about before and turn an angry rabble overnight into politically correct activists and blog commentators fighting for a just cause. It’s beautiful to see such a grand display of righteous passion devoid of substantial intellectual content.

Thousands of articles are filling the blogosphere with a sudden concern for the constitution’s 2nd amendment. Never mind that most of these people have never written about gun control or thought about it, let alone read the constitution. Where were the cries and presidential tears over the 11,000+ people murdered in the US last year? Where was the passionate righteousness?

What about the 20,000 deaths from suicide and gun accidents? Where were the grandiose political tears? The outraged citizens? The activist bloggers? Maybe “gun control” wasn’t trending high enough back then.

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Gun control. I need to make sure I have it in my title and the first and last paragraphs and put it in bold. An H2 would help, and anchor text backlinks. Think on and off page optimization or Google won’t think my article is important. If Google doesn’t think my article is important then it won’t be seen and read and despised.

But I digress. Google has a way of causing these sorts of unnecessary things. If you want to give a shit about the US constitution then look at the ways your rights to privacy and due process of law are being destroyed. Care about something really important, because gun control doesn’t amount to shit compared to due process of law.

Which isn’t to say it isn’t important. But calling for an outright ban on guns in a country where the greatest political document in history has declared an important “right to bear arms” isn’t sensible or practical.

This week marked another shock to the psyche of the United States,” cries Peter Kelly in a moving outpouring of shock and grief that people get killed by guns around the world, particularly in the US where guns are a constitutional right. The sad thing about this statement is not the source of the “shock” — the horrible deaths of 26 people in the Newtown massacre — but that it should be upheld by ideologues such as Peter Kelly and Tom Hashemi who view the 2nd amendment to the constitution as “An Outdated, Ideological Fallacy“.

This is, Kelly proclaims, “the most tragic event of mass murder in the United States since the Second World War”, as if people getting killed all at once is somehow worse than killing them one at a time. Can you feel the thrill of adrenaline as we can sink our literary teeth into a real “issue” here, an emotional one?

It is important to take a moment to remember the victims of this tragedy, and the families who have had their worlds torn away from them in a terrible ten minutes of history”. It sure is. If you had a thousand television cameras pointed on me now you could see me wiping away a tear from the corner of my eye. And don’t forget to wipe away the 31,000 other tears for last year’s murdered.

Even those who defend the 2nd amendment like ANTHONY MACHCINSKI can’t stop themselves from embarrassing histrionic gestures of sorrow, to the point of twisting logic and sense into silly puddy.

Before I start this piece, I would like to take a moment of silence, or space I guess, just to send my condolences to anyone affected by the shootings at the Newtown, CT, school. Parents shouldn’t have to bury their children is a phrase used when a teenager dies in a car accident, but they really shouldn’t have to bury a five-year-old after something like this. Its just really tragic.

To debate gun control, their legality, and other gun-related issues simply takes away from the bigger picture here, 27 people are dead, including 20 children. No amount of senseless debate will take away from that.

What? Is this what political correctness does to human intelligence, mangling it beyond recognition? Now the “bigger picture” is the 27 victims and gun control is a “senseless debate”? And we shouldn’t have to bury a 5 year old victim of “something like this” with a phrase used to describe children killed in car accidents? Come again?

This pitiful grandstanding is nauseating. And what’s with the I’ve been a good boy posturing to defend the constitution? “I’ve been through several NRA and Boy Scout programs that encourage safety and take many precautions.” Pick up your gold star at the front of the class.

“Tragedy”. “Devastation“. Words don’t do justice to the horror, the “grief“, the loss. Most certainly — nothing less arguable has ever been uttered — “something must be done to stop such devastation to strike again,” writes Kelly.

And that something is exactly what the security apparatus of the US wants — to disarm the citizens of a growing fascist police state called America.

It’s a noble outpouring of sentiment, a just cause this gun control. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop gun violence from happening again — short of totalitarian control of the masses — because we can’t legislate away horrible things. But it appears totalitarian control over a defenseless populace is exactly what Americans are being talked into believing is really in their best interests.

Kelly then scorns the “holy text of the second amendment” because politicians refuse to make reasonable laws to regulate guns. Maybe if Americans took the “holy text” of the constitution a little bit more seriously the Homeland Security apparatus  wouldn’t be dismantling it with such impunity. Where is the moral outrage about that?

After smearing the 2nd amendment, Kelly smears with a paint gun the reasonableness of those who would defend it: “They attempt to pin the blame on anything other than the weapons used in these tragedies, whether that be the unions, atheism, drugs, sex or political correctness.”