It is important for people to know that the swine flu (H1N1) vaccines now being given to millions of Americans and people around the world have never been tested for safety. Even in Europe, where flu vaccines are rigorously tested, the European Medicines Agency is allowing pharmaceutical companies to bypass the testing process entirely. Why are they doing this?

Could it be that this flu hysteria is a public relations ploy drummed up by the pharmaceutical companies in order to make billions of dollars in profits vaccinating a scared, unsuspecting public?

Unfortunately, a naïve public is lining up to take the vaccine, in large part due to the propaganda of fear that is being spread by the World Health Organization, mainstream media and medical communities, and governments around the world.

It is important to remember that these mainstream medical communities, and increasingly governments themselves, are almost completely controlled by the international pharmaceutical companies, which have lobbies so rich and powerful that they can even control the United States government. These are the same pharmaceutical companies that are preparing to make billions of dollars in profits by vaccinating people against the swine flu, which many people are now saying is no more dangerous than the common flu.

What’s more, the vaccines will contain adjuvants — chemicals used to increase the potency of the active ingredients in vaccines, which are known to cause inflammation in the body. This is the reason they are thought to cause autism and other neurological disorders.

Tragically, there is no scientific safety data on the use of adjuvants in infants and pregnant women — two groups being aggressively targeted by the medical community. The swine flu vaccine could be a medical disaster. It is untested, its ingredients are potentially dangerous, and the adjuvants being used in swine flu vaccines may cause neurological disorders just as they did in the past.

There is a history of such disasters. In 1976, a defective swine flu vaccine paralyzed and damaged the nervous systems of hundreds of people. They called it the Guillain-Barre syndrome. They may as well have called it the toxic vaccine syndrome. The truth is that doctors don’t know how the vaccines caused these problems, and the same thing is possible today with the current vaccines being pushed for the new swine flu by the medical and pharmaceutical drug pushers.

There are many things not being told to the public by health authorities about the swine flu vaccine.

Vaccine production was “rushed” into production by the false hysteria manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, governments and world health organizations, and the vaccine has never been tested on humans. That means if you get vaccinated against the swine flu, you are playing the role of laboratory rat, and the outcome and potential deadly side-effects are unknown. Until you get vaccinated, that is.

Swine flu vaccines contain dangerous chemicals that can cause serious, unwanted side-effects.

The swine flu vaccine might increase your risk of death from swine flu by interfering with your body’s natural immune system. In fact, there is no significant scientific evidence that even regular flu shots help to prevent you from catching the flu. Since the swine flu has not shown itself to be a very deadly or virulent virus, why take the risk?

Even if the swine flu vaccine causes serious side effects, the pharmaceutical companies cannot be held legally responsible. The U.S. government has given pharmaceutical companies legal immunity against lawsuits should the vaccines turn out to be harmful to your health. This removes the incentive for pharmaceutical companies to manufacture vaccines that are safe. Who is the government trying to protect, you or the profits of the pharmaceutical companies?

There are natural health supplements on the market that are more effective in fighting influenza viruses than any known pharmaceutical vaccine. For example, vitamin D and colostrum. But you will never hear this from the US government, pharmaceutical companies or the mainstream medical community. They will, however, try to prosecute people for giving you this information. Big brother is no longer a fiction – he is here now.