In his book Cancer is not a Disease: It’s a Survival Mechanism, Andreas Moritz argues for the revolutionary (with respect to mainstream Western medicine) idea that our view of disease is outdated and needs to be replaced with a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of health.

While his insights are revolutionary they are not new. A few years ago Bob Barefoot of Coral Calcium fame argued that our understanding of cholesterol and the role it plays in disease is backwards. Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease but a survival mechanism, the body’s desperate attempt to heal itself as a last resort measure by trying to prevent the blood vessels from cracking and rupturing. The true cause of the disease is somewhere else.

Similarly, Moritz argues that cancer is not a disease but the body’s attempt to survive the real dis-ease by producing cells that don’t die. Cancer is a symptom, not the cause or origin of disease. He is a proponent of bridging the mind/body connection and elevating emotional and mental factors to a central role in the consideration of disease factors.

While the book is provocative and helpful in leading us to a greater understanding of disease, he says a few things in the book that seem sensational on their face. For instance, he states that almost all cancers disappear by themselves, without medical intervention. He is taking into consideration all cancer cells that are created and destroyed by our bodies every day – not the cancer tumors normally presented to a doctor when diagnosed.

This seems a little intellectually sly. While it may be technically true, obviously we don’t detect or treat cancer (with conventional medicine) before it has reached a certain critical mass.

And there is a new age belief system attached to the book which has always seemed a bit of a stretch, the belief that we are all supremely powerful souls who determine our fate through our own beliefs and choices. Sick with cancer? You brought it on yourself with your limited and negative belief system. Why not just choose to be healthy?  Thoughts and feelings are forms of “energy” no less real than substances like genes and pollution. So why should they be overlooked in the search for the causes of disease?

One wishes it were so simple. There may be a lot of truth to this view. We may have more choice in the determination and creation of our reality than we ever before realized, but that doesn’t mean we are 100% responsible for everything that happens to us. This is a reflection of the new-age belief in the infinite power of the mind to create reality, like the Law of Attraction and Abundance.

I would like to see some scientific data to back up this belief. It seems a bit of wishful thinking mixed with profound new insights into the nature of reality. If we all create our own realities, what happens when my intention to create my reality comes into conflict with your desire to create your reality? Does some sort of compromise take place? It would seem so logically.

One way pharmaceutical companies trick the populace is by colluding with the FDA to commit fraud. For example, if a drug is successful at shrinking a tumor it is considered successful, even if the patient dies. What? Sound absurd? It should not be surprising as the FDA is one of the most corrupt and criminal government agencies ever.

It follows when one considers that the pharmaceutical industry is perhaps the most corrupt and most profitable business in the world, responsible for the ill-health and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year. And many of the survivors are duped into becoming ravaged drug-addicts no better off than the corner junkie.

What is true is the abysmal record of treating cancer by the mainstream medical establishment, especially with its lethal cocktails of chemotherapy and radiation. For example, while 75% of cancer patients undergo chemotherapy, only 2.4% of patients respond positively.

That the healthcare industry can make billions of dollars a year on ineffective treatments – not to mention the thousands of people made sick or killed – speaks both to the moral bankruptcy of medical professionals and the profound ignorance and gullibility of the average consumer. Moritz estimates that almost 1 million people in the US die each year from the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs. If that isn’t criminal I don’t know what is.

He believes that many natural cures for cancer have already been discovered, but they are effectively supressed by the mainstream medical establishment.
Cancer is what we call cells that have mutated genetically so they can live without oxygen. This is a survival mechanism the body employs to stave off death, but unfortunately its success is limited to the cancer cells themselves, and for only a short time.

The body creates cancer cells to stimulate the immune system and keep it in peak condition. It is in fact an extended immune response, like coughing, sneezing and fever. We think of them as being sick, but they are really signs of our immune system doing its job.