It sort of feels like the issue of contraception has traditionally been fraught with furore. When the first contraception tablets were introduced in the 1960s, protesters objected because they felt that men were attempting to play God in controlling the natural processes in life. Since that time, there were numerous moral and health issues that have been raised in regards to the different tablets, but nothing has stopped the field from continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. It has developed into a sector that pulls in billions of dollars a year, and yet it is still full of issues and controversies. In the newest round of product law suits, the target is the oral contraceptive known as Yasmin or Yaz. Because of the claimed complications of the drug, Yasmin contraception lawsuits are cropping up all over America.

Yasmin received FDA approval and has been marketed since 2001. In that time women have developed heavy side is affecting that have been linked to their use of the drug. Doctors have reason to believe that girls who have developed heart, kidney, liver, and other issues while taking the drug have done so due to the side effects it causes.

At it’s onset, Yasmin was perceived to be effective, straightforward to use, and safe. However, as more and more girls have developed significant health problems, those in the medical community have become more doubtful. Product law suits lawyers have delved into the difficulty and are in agreement that Bayer, the company that manufactures the drug, was fully privy to the risks which were not revealed to the public. This conjecture is the foundation of any Yasmin birth control court action.

The issue with Yasmin is that it contains a drug which is unique from other contraception medications known as drsp. This chemical, while terribly valuable in blocking undesired pregnancies, can serve to raise the potassium level in the bodies of the ladies who take it. An elevated potassium level is almost like a time bomb when it comes to heart issues. Ladies may develop blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism, or death. These heavy health problems have pushed patients to contact counsels to file Yasmin birth control court actions against the company that knew the drug could damage their health but selected to neglect caution them in order to make large profits.

It’s up to the ladies who have been caught unaware by this drug to spread the gospel and ensure that proper action is taken against Bayer. The more girls who file Yasmin birth control suits, the more attention that may be drawn to the problem. You may write letters to your country’s congresspeople to bring the situation to their attention and to encourage them to deal with the problem with the FDA. If you remain silent and continue to suffer silently, more girls are going to end up with the major complications produced from taking Yasmin, and none of us want to see that occur.

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[Editor’s note. Another great article revealing the corruption in our health care system, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mainstream medical community and pharmaceutical companies who sacrifice our health for profit. We need to put an end to this corruption. Speak out against the pharmaceutical and insurance companies who have worked in collusion with the FDA and caused health care costs to spiral out of control in the US.

This corruption is the main reason so many people in the United States are sick and obese. The foundation of this corruption is pure greed and the desire for money. Money has become more important than people’s health. Do you really think the pharmaceutical companies and most doctors want you to be healthy when their luxurious lifestyles depend upon your sickness for their existence? If you believe that you are naïve and foolish.

The fact is, if everyone in America took all of the disease fighting, anti-aging supplements that are available in the market today, 90% of all disease would disappear within three years, and the profits of these industries would be destroyed. The fact is, there is a massive conflict of interest between your health and their profit, and the doctors’  Socratic oath has been reduced to a joke.

The corrupt health care system in America, which is the most expensive in the world – about 50% higher than any other developed country – is estimated to cost $8000 a year for every American. These outrageous costs are due partly to the fact that the US government refuses to negotiate costs with pharmaceutical companies. They are given a blank check to charge whatever prices they want. Another main reason is the corruption of insurance companies that overcharge the medical community and the government, particularly through Medicare and Medicaid. The total fraud in these industries is estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars.

And hospitals have become corrupt too.  Let me tell you a little story. Once I came back from a vacation in Mexico and wasn’t feeling well. I went to the emergency room and had a doctor check me out. I was given a blood test and sent home with some antibiotics or something. I don’t remember exactly. The hospital sent me a bill for $1200, which itemized dozens of laboratory tests that I had never been given, and was stuffed with bills for bandages and whatever other assorted things they could think of to throw in, which I had never used or received. The whole thing was a vast conspiracy of corruption.

When I called the hospital to complain, he told me the bill was correct and I had to pay it. After I told them I had no intention of paying their criminally manufactured charges, they sent me another bill for $110 which I paid. That was the correct amount. As you can see, many hospitals will prey on unsuspecting, naïve patients, and extort whatever they can from them.  The pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, the mainstream medical establishment and the United States government have formed a very tight consortium that can only be compared to a mafia.

You can also do your part to end this corruption by practicing preventative medicine whenever possible. Use vitamins and other antioxidants and health supplements, and consume a healthy diet consisting of natural, organic foods, instead of pharmaceutical drugs and processed foods. And don’t forget to exercise and practice spiritually beneficial disciplines like meditation and yoga!]