For all you know, the history of heartburn might go back to the time of Adam and Eve. Ever since Adam had to look for his own food after being banished from the Garden of Eden, heartburn was a malady inflicted upon mankind ever after. Eve was slightly better off, surviving on raw honey and plenty of apples throughout the remaining days of her life, and in doing so, saving her delicate esophagus from GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease) or acid reflux attacks.

However, men and women down through the ages have not been spared the faults of their first parents and heartburn has become a common ailment for mankind ever since. Taking cues from Eve, however, we have tried using honey and apple cider vinegar to find relief from GERD induced heartburn.

Over the years, people have experimented with various natural remedies for heartburn and have received mixed results. The following is a brief list of a few of the more popular ones.

Eating your meals with a cup full of curd is believed to reduce heartburn. There may be some truth to this since curd works as a fairly good enzyme in digesting food, leaving less acidity to reflux back into the esophagus.

Basil leaves offer a natural remedy for heartburn. Many believe that simply chewing Basil leaves during meals helps in keeping heartburn at bay.

Apple cider vinegar as cited above mixed with raw honey is supposed to be one of the best treatments for chronic heartburn patients. For effective results, only the cloudy part of the vinegar should be considered and mixed with two teaspoonfuls of raw honey in a glass of water.

A teaspoonful of baking soda and a few drops of lime in a glass of water can also provide immediate relief from heartburn.

You can also try a teaspoonful of yellow mustard for rapid relief.

Ingesting a tablespoon full of dark brown sugar every morning is a great idea.

Consider having a red apple after dinner. You will be surprised at how well it works in lessening the frequency of a post-meal heartburn.

Fresh ginger or ginger tea is also good in relieving heartburn.

A glass of chilled milk also prevents heartburn to a great extent.

Finding a cure for heartburn is very important. That is because it seems that a huge section of the population is being affected with this disease, and even our children are not spared from this. And so if you are affected, it is important that you never neglect the condition because it will lead to a lot of pain and discomfort, particularly at night which will disrupt your sleep.

More importantly, neglecting heartburn might lead to further complications,  sometimes leading to permanent physical injury.  So you must always seek heartburn cures as soon as possible. Why take the risk when a remedy is indeed possible?

But the above listed remedies alone cannot cure GERD heartburn; these remedies can give you some relief at the most, but not a cure. You also need to make some lifestyle changes with a holistic approach to help you cure GERD heartburn completely. You need to have several smaller meals in a day instead of having one large meal. You have to stop eating unhealthy fast, fatty and processed foods, as they are often the cause of heartburn.

Conventional medications can treat the symptoms of the problem, but when it comes to curing the ailment, they too fail. Holistic remedies, on the other hand, treat the body organically at the root cause of the disease, in addition to prescribing the right diet and lifestyle changes. That is why holistic remedies are so effective in relieving heartburn.

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