Can Chakra Meditation Enhance Your Life?

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Chakras are the focal points for universal energy which flows through us, whether we know it or not. Your chakras have a profound influence on your life whether this effect is good, such as when they are properly aligned for energy flow or whether this effect is for the worse, like when they are blocked, preventing the flow of energy or are out of alignment.

Chakra comes from the Sanksrit word for energy. Although the concept comes to us from the Hindu faith, our energy centers care little what, if any religion we ourselves may practice. Energy is instead a universal force possessed by every person. The physical manifestation of the path through which this energy flows in and out of our auras is the Chakras.

Chakras which are correctly aligned have a wealth of benefits for the mind, body and the spirit, which is why chakra meditation is such a good thing to learn. You will be able to perform chakra meditation if you know where your chakras are and what each chakra does.

Your chakras are sited in vital areas such as your heart and your head. The organs which are in the area of these chakras are used to control the energy of the chakra and are as such directly affected by their chakra. There are seven chakras in the human body.

Your first chakra is call the Root Chakra and sits at the base of your spine. Governed by this chakra are your constitution and general health. This chakra is representative of our physical bodies and its relation between the physical and mental aspects of human nature. Each chakra has a color and red is the color of the Root Chakra.

In the lower abdomen is out second chakra, the Navel Chakra. Representing our physical drives toward love, pleasure and sex, as well as giving and receiving, this chakra is where you will feel generosity, harmony and selflessness, as well as some acts of creativity. The color of this chakra is orange.

Third is the Solar Plexus Chakra, sited right below your chest. This chakra is representative of your transformational ability and your willpower. Control over your personal energy is also a part of what the Solar Plexus Chakra does. This chakra is where your self discipline is seated; as well as control over the ego. The color of this chakra is yellow.

The Heart Chakra is found in the center of the chest. It only seems natural then that this chakra control love and understanding. Our feelings of harmony, balance, forgiveness and compassion stem from this chakra. The Heart Chakra nurtures the feelings of divine and unconditional love that goes beyond the physical. The color of the Heart Chakra is green.

The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra, sited between the chin and the sternum. This chakra governs communication. The Throat Chakra lets us understand the power of honest speech to convey truth, kindness and wisdom. The color of the Throat chakra is sky blue.

Also known as the third eye, the sixth chakra is called the Brow Chakra and is located in the forehead, between the eyebrows. This chakra is responsible for insight, imagination and intuition. This is the chakra which lets you look inward to examine your own soul. Peace of mind and an experience of the divine is also located here. This chakra’s color is indigo.

The final chakra is the Crown Chakra, obviously based on the name it is found at the top of the head. So it should go with out saying then that anything that deals with the mind and spirit is controlled here. It is the Crown Chakra that is tied to our individual journey into understanding our own consciousness and our place in time and space. Anything dealing with the Higher Self is rooted in the Crown Chakra. The color for the Crown Chakra is violet.

Knowing where each chakra is and what each one is tied to will help you with chakra meditation. There are meditations that can be used to align all of the chakras as well as meditations that focus on one particular chakra.

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