Do you want to be taller? Age does not matter since there are many ways  that can help you become taller regardless of your height.

There are many techniques and practices to increase height naturally, without risky surgery. One of the most effective things you can do is to increase the growth hormones in your body. In your teens, this should not be one of your worries since you are producing huge amount of growth hormones naturally.

If you are 20 years old an above however, you will need to induce your body to produce greater amounts of growth hormones. One way you could do this through stretching exercises, which help lengthen ligaments, stretch muscles and your spine. Stretching can also help in producing lactates that triggers the production of growth hormones in your body which can make one taller. [Editor’s note: it would seem to us that optimal gain in height would occur when the individual is still growing, not after they have stopped.]

When the growth hormone levels of the body increase, this will make the body’s cartilages thicker and increase the density of the bones which results in gains to height [Editor: would like to know the source for this]. Combining the right healthy diet and the stretching exercises will be even more effective. Eating right will help strengthen your bones which can help in lengthening your bones. The foods that are useful in increasing height are fiber rich whole grain foods like unprocessed wheat brans, wheat, rice, oats and the like.

Some of the other foods that you should also eat are carrots, broccoli, spinach and other salad greens which can also help to make a person taller [Editor: evidence?]. Steamed fish and citrus fruits also aid in making someone taller. Avoid fats, sweets, alcohol and caffeine [Editor: beer and caffeine contain potent antioxidants].

On top of the stretching exercises, yoga is also a type of exercise that promotes height gain. It promotes balance and flexibility at the same time releases the strain and tension on the back and the spine which helps in making the cartilage of your body thicker, more flexible and pliant, and the muscles stronger. Yoga is also useful in promoting good posture which stretches and elongates the spine.

Tarhasana, sheershasana and matsyasana are the yoga positions that can help increase one’s height. Also get enough rest as this makes your body produce growth hormones. It has been shown in scientific studies that we produce and release most of our growth hormone while we are sleeping. Sleep is crucial for optimal health and height.

Add more hours to your usual sleeping schedule to better the production of your growth hormones. Just make sure that before you perform these routines, you may want to consult a doctor to be sure that you are healthy and safe to perform the exercises mentioned. Once you have the patience and the determination, you will surely be able to increase height naturally.

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