Everyone knows that the Internet is the new media of our age, with more free content, that’s information, at our fingertips than ever before. This is truly the age of information. It has revolutionized the way we communicate and do business. It has changed the social fabric of or lives. On the bright side, never has it been easier to communicate with people, both familiar and stranger. Even a loner sitting in his room can chat, safely, comfortably and securely, with hundreds of people around the world at the push of a button. The age of information and the age of communication. The new digital age. Mostly free.

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But the new digital age has us busier than ever, overloaded with information. No longer are we kicking rocks along a winding river or rocking on a porch listening to the wind blow. We are too busy dodging the avalanche and barrage of bits and bytes hurling at us with frightening speed. Considering the large numbers of people who now use the Internet, for work  and play, that thousands of new users are added daily,  it follows almost out of necessity that many people are now using the Internet as the preferred way to get a date. Not to mention all the new freaky ways to have sex. But that’s another article.

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But the reality is, unless you’re a young hot chick who draws a crowd or a stud grazing in large prickly fields, you probably need the virtual world to help you reach out and touch someone. It’s a matter of efficiency, in an age when time is money to the max. So if you can’t meet Betty Boop or Tom Cruise at the corner soda shop, here’s some good reasons to upgrade your computer.

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Ever been late for a hot date? Nothing more embarrassing as you stroll up to a super hot babe trying to look cool while she looks at you like you’re an immature little loser without the decency to respect her time, who isn’t responsible enough to tie his shoelaces. I’m not talking here about the college age crowd where walking around with your shoelaces untied and your butt crack whistling in the wind makes you a superstar. I’m talking about people who have grown up and joined the adult world of work and responsibility.

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Fortuitously, the virtual world exists out of time. Ideal girlfriend sleeping or at work? Drop her an email or chat message. Send her virtual flowers or spiritual blessings or coupons for a 10% discount on maxi-pads. The possibilities are endless. Too scared to meet in person just yet? Hit up your web cam, turn up the volume and set the lighting just right to cover the scars on your cheek you got in a knife fight at San Quentin where you recuperated nicely from your conviction of selling crack to junior high kids.

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And if your dream girl turns into the wicked witch of the west once too often during “you know that time”, then it takes all of 5 minutes to browse dozens more super knockout virtual girls from every country and culture in every corner of the world. It’s a global game now, and the fine babes in Zimbabwe are looking for you. Never in history has it been so easy to eyeball so many fine people. The problem becomes, not finding a nice one, but choosing which of the hundreds of nice ones to throw away. What a world.

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There is no such thing as a best free online dating site, but I can tell you this. It’s a numbers game. The more frogs you kiss, the more princes will shower you with chocolates and Lear Jet excursions to Paris. It’s like looking for a job. The more resumes you send out, the more job offers you get. But be careful. If you’re in a small town or community, the girls will smell you from a mile away for the slut that you are.