Here is how many of the professional internet marketers in the online affiliate marketing business craft their sales letters so that they can “convert” (conversion), or sell products to their customers.

One psychological technique which has become vogue in recent years is the idea of “overcoming resistance”, or getting your potential customer to stop hesitating from fear or doubt and take the plunge and make a purchase from you.

If effect, you want your sales copy to get the potential customer to “take action.” Obviously, in an industry as competitive as online internet affiliate marketing, the first person who can convert the sales is the winner – the “super affiliate.”

So when an expert copywriter sits down to create his sales letter, he has to think about the psychological hurdles and resistance that must be overcome if he is to be successful. These include such things as:

  • Is the product too expensive? Am I getting a “good deal”?
  • Can I trust the seller, or is he some kind of crook or thief?
  • How do I know this product will satisfy my needs and solve my problems?
  • Do I really need to make this purchase right now, or can I wait and think about it for awhile? Maybe I don’t really need it right now.
  • What if the product turns out to be inadequate or substandard? What if it’s no good?

The ideas outlined here are designed to overcome this kind of natural customer resistance.

1. The first thing you must do is get the attention of your potential customer. There are thousands of people online selling millions of products. What makes you different? What makes you stand out from the rest of the affiliate marketers?

2. Let your potential customer know that you understand exactly what problem they have and need to fix. By identifying the problem, you lock in the attention of someone browsing your website.

3. After you have shown that you understand the problem, provide a solution that is not only convincing to the reader, but is in fact a genuinely good solution to their problem. Scam artists can usually make quick money but often lose their business. But people who are genuinely fulfilling the needs of their customers with integrity and optimal solutions tend to be the winners in the long run. Ask yourself: do you want to make a quick buck, or do you want to build a long term business?

4. Show people that you have a certain expertise in your field – that you know what you are talking about. Establish credibility. Many internet marketers do this by writing articles and establishing themselves as an expert in their field. You can also give seminars, write and publish ebooks, write a blog, post in forums, etc.

5. The important thing to focus on next is not how great the product is that you want to sell, but how it will benefit the buyer. List the benefits of your product so the buyer feels like he will be missing out on something really valuable if the purchase is not made.

6. Use testimonials. Nothing helps convince people that something or someone is “OK” or legitimate than the word or testimonial of other people. If the testimonial is given by a famous person or marketer, all the better. But even a “normal” everyday person’s opinion carries great weight, because we are all normal everyday people.

7. Make your specific offer and tell the buyer exactly what they will be getting. The new trend now is to offer a ton of “free bonuses” to fatten the offer and make it seem like the buyer is getting the deal of a lifetime.

Of course, much of the stuff that is being thrown in as a “free bonus” is second-rate or slightly outdated (sometimes very outdated) material, but still, it’s hard for people not to like feeling that they are getting something for free. It’s a compelling sales tactic.

I just bought some software that was discontinued in 2006. When I wrote the seller to complain that it didn’t work correctly and was no longer being upgraded, he acted like it was no big deal. Well it is a very big deal, especially if you’re buying software.

Most software becomes outdated every few months and must be maintained and patched for security and functional purposes. You also want the seller to make upgrades to keep up with rapidly changing technology. The same techniques that worked a few years or even months ago don’t necessarily work anymore.

Ask anyone who has seen his website drop from the first page of Google out of sight in one day about how fast things can change int his business.

8. Many online affiliate internet marketers will also manipulate the potential buyer into taking action and pulling the trigger by using the scare tactic of “scarcity.” This is the idea that there is only a very limited opportunity of time or resources available for which the person must take immediate action.

You’ve seen the “this product will only be available for another 22 hours, 14 minutes and 38 seconds before it is removed forever! Act Now!” Or, “We only have 44 copies left, after which we will close the doors for this product. Even if you want in it will be too late. We are limiting the number of copies of this product sold to 200 to retain its value on the market.” Blah Blah.

9. Offer a solid guarantee for a refund if the buyer decides they do not like or want to keep the product. Many sellers like ClickBank force sellers to offer a 60 day money back guarantee, and most people don’t realize that any digital product purchased with a credit card can usually be refunded anytime within 6 months of purchase by the credit card company.

10. Tell your buyer to act and act now. Use forceful language, which is often effective against passive people who like or have learned to do what they are told (about 90% of the population). This can also persuade people who are sitting on the fence.

11. Warn the reader that this is there only chance : “This is the only time you will ever see this sales page again, after which it will be gone forever.” Getting sick of seeing that? Be more creative and think of new ways to evoke the fear of scarcity and losing out on golden opportunities.

12. Finish your letter by summarizing everything above in a very succinct and powerful way, so the reader almost feels compelled to make the purchase lest they lost out forever of a great opportunity.