The emails I’m getting are disgusting. Gone is the talk about issues. Gone is talk about war, global warming (did we ever talk about that?), environmental destruction and pollution (we stopped caring about that long ago), civil, human and constitutional rights, jobs, healthcare, corruption, education or welfare.

These are what everyone loves to pretend are the critical issues. Campaign speeches overflow with flowery, patriotic rhetoric about poor Mrs. Smith with 18 kids is some backwater county who can’t pay her bills, get a job, afford insurance, education  or diapers.

Let’s get back to what’s really important. Let’s quit fooling ourselves and get right down to it. This urgent email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says it all.

BREAKING: Chevron pumps $2.5 million into Boehner’s Super PAC, likely the largest corporate donation since Citizens United


Dan, this race is tied. We can’t let a last-minute Big Oil-backed ad blitz cost us the election.

We have to raise $76,000 more by tonight’s ad buy deadline to fight Republican attacks and get the facts out to voters.

Will you rush us an emergency contribution and help us close the gap before our midnight ad buy deadline?

. . . We’ve got to show the world that our grassroots army is stronger than one big dirty check. Please chip in whatever you can:

It’s all about the money. The Democrats portray themselves as grass roots folks fighting big money Republicans, and there is some truth to that. Republicans  represent big business with the rhetoric “laissez faire” democracy and smaller government (though  they never seem to be able to shrink government any more than the dems) while democrats will give an occasional nod to the people by assigning some government responsibility for their welfare without ever holding it accountable.

But how much difference is there really? If Democrats are reduced to fighting big money with big money, then doesn’t that put them in the same camp with big monied interests? Is there really much difference between the two parties if they are both beholden to the almighty crumbling dollar?

Breakdown of political party representation in...

Breakdown of political party representation in the United States Senate during the 112th Congress. Blue: Democrat Red: Republican Light Blue: Independent (caucused with Democrats) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democrats and republicans are two sides of the same coin. You may prefer heads or tails, but it’s the same peso. They are part of the same system that is becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

It may be time for Americans to step back and figure out what’s not working in our democracy and find ways to improve it. But in order to do that, we have to step out of the system. We need to see it for what it is, what it was and what it has become in order to move in a different direction.

Sure, we may think one political party represents our interests better than the other, and it might, but what if the whole system is broken? What do we do if democracy as it was invented no longer serves our best interests?

The first thing is to step away from and out of the system, to wake up, to “escape”, as John Rappaport puts it, so we can see clearly what the problems are. “To one degree or another, in one way or another, many Americans catch a glimpse or a full-on view of this false political dichotomy. When they do, they wake up.”

Waking up is fine, but to change the system we have to work from within the system, people will say. You can’t just protest or throw bombs or write angry blog posts. You have to become a part of the system in order to change it.

But what if the system is stronger than any of it’s individual parts, and consumes them? Everyone who goes into political life I’m sure does so with the dream of changing the world for the better. But what happens to them when they are inside? Can you even exist within the political machine without becoming a cog?

It seems to me that the people who have made the biggest difference to the world, who have done the most to change the world from what it was into something new, did so by stepping outside the system and demanding that it change itself. They weren’t violent unless necessary to defeat injustice, acquire and preserve freedom. They insisted on peaceful protest. But they were adamant and unyielding in their opposition to the things they didn’t like and wanted to change.

Americans need to galvanize themselves and stop treating the system as something that engulfs and enslaves them. We need to let go of the “you can’t fight city hall” mentality and learn to create our own reality, our own values, our own voice that exists powerfully within and without the system.

One thing we can do is to stop relying on big business for jobs and create our own. The Internet has revolutionized the cost and technological barriers to creating an online business and working for ourselves. The Internet levels the playing field, creates a flat world, and allows individuals to compete with large corporations and carve out niches the large corporations can’t touch.

Unlike our parents’ generation, we are no longer dependent on big business to enslave us to their corporate cult of conformist cronyism to make a living. Create your own vision,  your own sustenance that isn’t so closely tied to the established power structures (the Internet is truly global), and be ready to fight for it. Most Internet entrepreneurs can run their business from any country in the world. They’re not slaves to the power elites of any one country, though countries like the US are doing their damndest to control the international banking system.

If you don’t like something about the way our politicians are running things, then stand up and tell them you don’t like it, and tell them you’re not going to take it anymore. Stop the passive mentality of thinking the problem is too big, the forces allied against you too strong. That attitude is refusing to take responsibility for your power. You are abdicating your power to others.

A voice is a powerful thing. Actions sometimes speak louder than words. How many of you have signed a petition, written your congressional rep., attended a political rally or worked for a political campaign? Are you taking responsibility for shaping and creating reality?

If people really stood up and fought, protested, wrote letters — stepped outside the system to fight against it in a peaceful but forceful way — then the powers that be would listen. They would have to listen. They would have no choice. John Rappaport again:

 One thing is certain. The old ways of creating positive action, based on the truth, are changing.

It’s up to people everywhere to imagine new ways and implement them. Imagination is another item which has been put in the deep-freeze for a long time. It is thawing.

Don’t assume that knowing the truth is paralyzing. It’s only paralyzing if you can’t invent ways to use it. Don’t wait around for a message to float out of the clouds. Don’t say, “But now that I’m awake, what do I do?” That’s a close cousin to surrender, and it’s a precursor to going back to sleep.

Don’t whine, don’t complain. INVENT. IMAGINE. CREATE.

Conceive of innovative ways by which you can effectively take this emerging consciousness/truth/wakefulness and make it work.

This isn’t the old model, where you sit around and hope someone will come up with a really great idea. This isn’t I’M A VICTIM, TELL ME HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD. This isn’t any of that crap.

This is going light years beyond watching two phony clowns on television telling you why they should be president.

Invent. Imagine. Create. We can change the world only by creating it one piece at a time. But WE have to have the vision, and WE have to take the action, and WE have to get involved, and WE have to take responsibility for what’s going on around us. Democracy only functions properly when citizens are informed and active participants. Otherwise it dissolves into Fascism, which is starting to happen in America.

It is WE who have let government squander trillions of dollars fighting unnecessary wars. It is WE who have let government repress the natural and alternative health industries by supporting pharmaceutical companies that make trillions of  dollars by pumping toxic drugs into the healthcare system, killing millions of people a year, when natural supplement and health regimes may have been more effective.

It is WE who have allowed the government to support fossil fuels and stifle investment in the clean energy technologies of the future. It is WE who have allowed government to print money recklessly and bail out corrupt banks and brokers and insurance companies who are guilty of fraud and go unpunished.

WE are the ones who are refusing to take a stand, make our voices heard, and take responsibility for creating our own life away from the greedy, self-interested clutches of governments and multi-national corporations that often control those governments. Learn to live away from the grid. Be fluid and independent. Move to another country. Start an Internet business. Go back to school and learn a skill that will make you independent, or better yet, teach yourself the skills that will make you independent.

IMAGINE. INVENT. CREATE. $$Wake up$$. Creativity is revolutionary.


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