There is an eminent and very profound quotation from Carl Jung – the great psychologist and protégé of Freud – in which he says, ” What you resist, persists.” In other words, you become what you fight hardest against, because that’s what your energy is going into, and that’s the energy you will attract into your life.

While you may be somewhat confused about the Law of Attraction, it’s fundamental idea is that you attract what you think about most. Because thoughts are energy, they naturally attract whatever images and feelings they contain.

This is particularly powerful if you are obsessing about things you truly don’t desire. In actuality, considering many of us spend a great amount of time worrying about stuff we don’t want to happen, and quite honestly and genuinely struggle to resist them, according to the Law of Attraction, you are merely going to attract a greater amount of these unhealthy phenomenon into your life.

If you suffer from excessive perspiration, or hyperhidrosis, you will be fortunate to recognize how comprehending this Law of Attraction could facilitate the surmounting of your problem. You likely spend much too much time becoming stressed out and worrying about your voluminous perspiring. You anticipate it before it even happens, and the mere thought of it brings it on. In fact, you’ve probably discovered, as the Law of Attraction says, that the more you think about sweating, the more you are going to sweat.

Soon – say you are about to go in for a job interview, or meet a beautiful woman for a date – you become so aware of your perspiring, or the possibility that you MAY perspire, it is all you can think about, it becomes all consuming, and thinking about it you actually cause it to happen. That’s the power of the mind and our thoughts.

So when you’re first preparing to go to work, or to go out for the night under the hot scrutiny of sizzling members of the opposite sex, you’re probably not perspiring much . . . yet. But the negative thoughts begin to accumulate, to take on a life of their own, and you begin increasingly to worry about when the sweating will begin. It’s a vicious circle. The more you think about sweating, the more you sweat.

This obsessive, unreasonably excessive worrying begins too wear down your self image – your self-esteem begins to falter. You begin to identify yourself with your weaknesses, your inability to control yourself. You begin to despise yourself for being weak, for not having the power you perceive others as having to live fulfilling lives.

When you begin to feel weak and inadequate, you attract other people into your life who share the same feelings. Notice how the shy wallflowers at a party end up talking to each other? Unless you’re an attractive woman, you usually need to be a little aggressive – a little confident – if you want to meet others in public settings. It is easier to talk to someone who is alone and who looks like they are desperate, like you, to talk to someone. Like energy attracts like energy.

It would naturally take a long time to elucidate the Law of Attraction in greater depth, but if you understand that worrying about a predicament only makes that problem worse, you can start using the Law of Attraction to eliminate your hyperhidrosis, or any other problem you have. If you think optimistic thoughts about yourself and your problems, the Law will work in reverse, and begin to lessen the severity of your worries and obsessions.

You will gain confidence and attract more confident people towards you. Opportunities in life that once passed you by will suddenly become obvious. Why didn’t I think of that before? Why didn’t I go to that job interview? Because you didn’t believe you could succeed. Your thoughts were negative, and the Law of Attraction kept you from achieving what you most desired. It, or YOU, pushed it away.

You obviously want to be sweat-free and confident all day, so you should systematically apply some thought to this. You could begin to practice visualizing positive outcomes instead of negative ones.

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