You may have heard of cocoa butter for stretch marks? This is one of the several ingredients being looked into as a great skin care solution and natural treatment for stretch marks. Cocoa butter has been around for ages and a lot of people are now beginning to realize its true benefits.

Cocoa as Moisturizer

Cocoa butter comes from the cocoa bean. It is actually considered a form of vegetable fat. In its raw form, it can be applied on the skin as a form of moisturizer. The extract works by penetrating the top layer of the skin. As it touches the deeper layer, it provides additional moisture that can improve skin elasticity. This is one quality that the skin needs to be able to fight stretch marks. This skin condition – stretch marks –  can be made worse by inelastic skin that can tear and scar due to stretching.

Expert Analysis

Not everyone is a supporter of cocoa butter. Some feel that its only major benefit is as a skin moisturizer. For stretch marks though, people need more than just an extra skin moisture. It is also important for a skin solution to help with skin cell regeneration. Supporters of cocoa maintain that it does contain other natural nutrients that can promote the repair of damaged skin. It still remains to be seen however whether cocoa really is effective at damage control.

Studies have been done to determine the truth behind cocoa butter as a form of stretch mark treatment. The results, though, are in conflict. While some point out that cocoa does seem to have beneficial effects on the skin there are also results which have taken an opposite stance. These results though did nothing to stop the believers of cocoa butter for stretch marks to continuing using the ingredient even just for its moisturizing benefits.

The negative results may not entirely be due to the cocoa butter alone. Some believe that its effectiveness also depends greatly on how it is being used. Some suggest using it right after a bath to ensure better skin penetration. Others may also use it more than once a day to better benefit from it. The common denominator, if you want to get good results from cocoa butter, are consistency of use.

Product Use

Because of the popularity and effectiveness of the ingredient, it has become a common ingredient in some skin care products. When inside a package, it is easier to use, and some users prefer packaged products over using the raw extracts, even if they are more expensive. Furthermore, manufacturers of the product provide advice on the frequency and mode of application that would give the best results.

When buying cocoa butter for stretch marks online, one will have to be cautious, though. Not every product may be genuine. Some of them may be scams. Before you buy one with cocoa butter, make sure you take the time to research and investigate the company and the product.

Aside from cocoa butter, you also have other options. Nature is full of natural ingredients that can help fight stretch marks. You may consider using products with vitamin E, vitamin A, squalene oil and vitamin D.

One of the major advantage of natural ingredients like cocoa butter for stretch marks is that even if they lack conclusive studies proving their effectiveness, they are guaranteed safe to use. At the very least, you will stand to benefit from the natural healing and moisturizing nutrients offered by nature.

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