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The world is being taken over by corporations. Where there used to be journalism, there is now “content marketing”. So while in the past we could depend on independent news organizations to protect and defend liberty and freedom and truth, we now have everyone working for the corporatocracy where profit is the only endgame.

Listen to what Holly Regan has to say over at She wants you to know that

Brands from Apple to MTV are moving away from more traditional marketing approaches, instead looking to create high quality content that builds trust and community among their target audience and establishes them as industry thought leaders.

What kind of “high quality content” can a company like Apple or General Motors or MTV really create? That’s a question I think we need to be asking ourselves. Do we really want corporations to become the new “thought leaders” of our culture and society? Do we want a world where everything evolves around marketing and making money?

Yes, I know they are “industry” thought leaders, but what happens when everything becomes one big industry, created by and for giant, multinational corporations?

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As some of you may know, “traditional” journalism has been dying over the last 10 to 15 years. This is not necessarily all bad, as many good journalists have moved onto the Internet to become independent bloggers and journalists. But what kind of living can they make as independent journalists, and how many real, independent news organizations like and are out there?

Something more ominous is happening.

Holly says that we are experiencing a “renaissance of journalism”. And when traditional journalists, or any real journalist, find a home creating real journalism on the Internet, then that renaissance is real. However, it seems that many of the former journalists who are being fired from traditional news organizations are finding new jobs doing “content marketing” for corporations.

As Holly celebrates, “journalists are being reborn as content marketers.” I don’t know about you, but the thought of journalists being reborn as content marketers I find to be a frightening, sad, dangerous reality. I want journalists doing the job of real journalism, which we need now, today, more than ever before as we see daily reports in the news how governments are turning into fascist police states hell-bent on destroying our constitutional freedoms.

As I write this news is breaking that the US and other European governments have been spying on all encrypted information on the Internet, including the VPN you are using. Like a police state, they are forcing corporations to cooperate with them in the illegal violation of our constitutional freedoms.

“The fall of traditional journalism and rise of content marketing” screams the secondary headline in the article. Notice the important keyword “content marketing” being used in this content marketing piece to gain traction in search engines like Google.

We then learn the unfortunate fact that,

Since 2000, newsrooms have cut roughly 25 percent of their staff. Unfortunately, this trend is expected to continue. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that between 2010 and 2020, the number of journalism jobs available will drop by another six percent.

A free and independent media play a critical role in a free society, a democracy. It is a safeguard against corruption and government tyranny, and without it democracy is doomed. This is happening now.

Why is this happening? “Because, as I mentioned above,” writes Holly, “marketing departments are starting to function more like newsrooms”. What she doesn’t say, and what she doesn’t quite understand, is the far more insidious reality that newsrooms are beginning to function more like marketing departments.

While journalism jobs continue to die off, jobs in “public relations”, “advertising” and “content marketing”, in other words, jobs to grow the corporatocracy that is eating away at our society like a cancer, are exploding.

. . . journalists will have to understand that working in the world of content marketing will be a little bit different than working in the newsroom. For instance, journalists who start to work in content marketing will have to transition from remaining unbiased in their writing to being advocates for a brand.

We now have corporate sponsored media organizations who are more biased in their writing and “advocates for a brand”. The hell with the truth. Who cares if the government of the United States is beginning to murder its own citizens? Who cares if the US government is beginning to murder dissident journalists like Michael Hastings?

As long as we can keep printing more money and keep the stock market going up, isn’t all well with the world? Did someone say Fukushima? Who cares that Japan is still spilling tons of radiation into the oceans? Are the mainstream media reporting on this catastrophe? Do you give a shit?

We’re becoming one giant corporation, a culture of corporations, multinational corporations, subsidiaries of corporations, with government that are run by corporations. We are becoming a global corporatocracy, which means our freedoms will be eroded away and profit will be the driving force of all civilization.

This is the beginning of the nightmare of Big Brother. “So while jobs for traditional journalists may be dwindling in numbers, journalists are being reborn as content marketers.” We are all “content marketers” now, looking for our 15 minutes of fame.

People are writing novels, not because they are divinely inspired to create a work of exceptional beauty, but because they want to become “successful writers” who develop “platforms” and “make sales” to further the marketing of themselves.

So serious writers and artists need to do some serious “soul-searching”.

Make sure this is something you want to do. Before making the leap, it’s important that you do some soul-searching. If you became a journalist for the good of society, then content marketing might not be as fulfilling. However, if it was just because you’re a great writer who wants to have a reliable career then content marketing might be a better fit.

Is using the term “great writer” in  conjunction with a “content marketer” an oxymoron?

Connect with me on my social networks. Comment in the comment section below. I am a content marketer now. I am the brand and the message. Love me, please.

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