Pregnenolone is called the “mother hormone” or “the brain hormone” because it is converted from cholesterol by the body in the mitochondria of the cell and is the primary hormone of the Adrenal gland. That means that all other adrenal hormones – from dhea to testosterone to estrogen, mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids – are produced from Pregnenolone.

Now we have all heard how terrible cholesterol is for health, right? Anything with cholesterol is bad and must be avoided? But if the most important adrenal hormone in your entire body – and the most potent memory enhancer known to science – is produced from cholesterol, how could cholesterol be so bad for you?

The answer is that cholesterol in itself is not bad, but the sources you get it from in your food or supplements are very important. There are good and bad sources of cholesterol. For example, natural butter is much healthier than synthetic margarine. And don’t eat foods cooked with unhealthy trans-fats, like companies such as McDonalds and KFC, etc. did for years even after the scientific evidence was overwhelming that they should stop because it was causing heart and other diseases.

Pregnenolone has been shown to have very few side-effects, and is one of the safest supplements in the medical literature. “Despite its powerful metabolites, pregnenolone is acknowledged to be without significant side effects, with minimal or no anabolic, estrogenic or androgenic activity.”

However, one word of warning. It is thought that about 5% of people who take pregnenolone are prone to developing skin rashes. These are not dangerous, but if you should develop a skin rash, try reducing your dose or discontinue altogether. The rash will go away as soon as you stop taking pregnenolone.

Pregnenolone is a hormone, which are powerful substances, so it should always be taken carefully and in moderation. Again, listen to your body. Most women age 30-45 respond well to 5-10mg a day. Women age 45-60 do well on 10-25mg daily.

Men can take more since they have naturally higher levels of certain adrenal hormones like dhea, which is made directly from prenenolone. So men age 30-45 can take 10-25mg a day while men 45 and above do well on 25-50mg a day, and for someone who is really aged or fighting a disease, 100mg or more are sometimes advised.

Pregnenolone is primarily found in and active in the brain. It is incredibly good for your brain, and is considered the most potent memory enhancer ever discovered, some say by a factor of 100. That means it is 100 times more powerful at enhancing your memory than anything else ever found. It also naturally increases mental alertness.

Its not surprising that pregnenolone has been proven effective at preventing and treating dementia and alzheimer’s disease, as well as other nerve disorders as it has been proven effective at enhancing and protecting nerve cell growth. It can enhance your overall mood and feelings of motivation and improve sleep. Melatonin is the sleep hormone and will be discussed another article.

There is growing evidence that pregnenolone helps to strengthen the immune system also

Pregnenolone has been shown to stimulate the growth of dendrites in the brain, which are the branch-like strings that grow out of the neurons and make connections with other neurons. That means pregnenolone makes your brain more powerful, better connected, and smarter, because your brain can work more efficiently. It has alo shown effective at lessening anxiety.

Because estrogen is made almost directly from pregnenolone, estrogen-deficient women often are low in pregnenolone, as are people who are depressed and lacking energy. Studies in the military have shown that soldiers have more stamina, can stay awake longer and function better, and deal with stress better when supplementing with pregnenolone.

In fact, pregnenolone is a very powerful anti-infammatory. 50 or so years ago, before the pharmaceutical companies began peddling their prescription poisons to an unsuspecting public, pregnenolone was widely prescribed by doctors to treat arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is very effective against rheumatoid arthritis, and has been shown to reduce pain and swelling. This should slow, halt, or even reverse some symptoms of the disease.