Develop Your Natural Psychic Ability

Tarot from Piedmont, n° 0 (Ël fòl / The fool]
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Psychic ability is something that you were born with, so all you need to do is to learn how to further develop it. You may have advanced psychic abilities, which simply need a bit of brushing up; or you may feel that there is still a lot of areas to improve on when it comes to your psychic ability. In any case, here are some things you can do to further develop your natural psychic gift!


You can begin developing your psychic ability by learning the basics of meditation and visualization. This will help you maintain focus and channel your attention and energies. Meditation helps you control your mind, and visualization enhances your ability to see with your minds eye, also known as The Third Eye.


Why not make your psychic development a fun activity? Pick a friend who is willing to participate in your psychic development and practice reading your friend!

Find a quiet place where you and your friend can sit comfortably across each other. While observing silence, your friend thinks of a specific person, thing, or incident, and focuses on that thought in his or her mind. On the other hand, you relax and clear your mind completely. After a while, try to get a feel of what your friend is thinking of. When you are confident with your guess, confirm this with your friend to see if your answer is correct!

It may take a few tries (and a lot of laughter with your friend) before picking up things correctly, but that is perfectly fine. With practice, you will be more receptive to the energies of people around you, making it easier for you to connect to them.


“Whats next?” is the question you must answer in this activity. Its fun and you can do it by yourself anytime and anywhere you are! What you do is you try to pick up whats coming up next ” it could be the type of vehicle that will pass you by next as you look out your window, or the dish you will find at the dinner table. Eventually, you will find yourself having an easier time in identifying whats going to happen next!


Each morning, pick out a Tarot card from your deck. Ponder on what the Tarot card means, based on your own perception. In the evening, when you get back home from work, refer to the Tarot guide that usually comes with the deck of Tarot cards.

Later on, as you continue to check your Tarot daily, you will notice a tighter connection between your own perception of the card and its actual meaning. You will also observe this strong correlation reflected in how your day actually turns out, which means that you are becoming more accurate in your own perception of things.


Being given a psychic reading will also help you develop your psychic ability. When you feel a psychics energies, your inner psychic is stirred and stimulated. Any blocked or reserved energies within you can also be unlocked, allowing you to release and fully utilize them. A psychic is also a good person to consult with when it comes to your psychic development, because he or she is someone who has a good command of his or her own psychic ability.

Boosting Your Psychic Ability

Psychic Ability is something that you are born with. You may have experienced knowing who was calling on the phone, or if a letter would be coming within the day, or maybe even what someone was thinking. During these occasions, it was like you just naturally knew what had yet to occur.

The level of your psychic ability may differ from others. You may have more advanced abilities than others, or you may feel as though you have yet to discover it. In any case, psychic ability is a natural gift which you already possess; you just need to develop it so you can put it to good use!

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