It’s challenging to keep a positive outlook on life with the daily stresses assaulting us from every angle. There are people that we come across everyday at work, home or in the general public that just make it their mission to bring others down. These are weak, angry, bitter people who try to feel better by hurting others.

You don’t need to succumb to their pettiness or even think about lingering in their negative energy. The following six self-improvement tips will assist you in gaining the self esteem you deserve. You should think of this as a starting point to higher emotional and spiritual well-being.

Tip #1 – Keep a positive attitude at work.

First, of course, is to try and find work that is suitable to you, preferably work that you love. But we all know that’s not going to happen right away for everyone. So make the best of the situation that you find ourselves in, with the intent to improve it as you go.

You will come across co-workers in your work environment that will have a very competitive, insulting, belittling attitude. They believe that you need to have a “dog eat dog” way of thinking in order to win. Or you may have a supervisor with a superiority/inferiority complex who cannot control their childish impulse to manage in a tyrannical way.

Jim Rohn – Personal Development [I have no personal affiliation with this product and am not endorsing it ~ new superhuman]

“If You Will Change, Everything Will Change. To Have More, You Simply Have To Become More. Don’t Wish It Were Easier, Wish You Were Better. Don’t Wish For Less Problems, Wish For More Skills.” ~Jim Rohn

Not the best work environment to have. Just remember, you don’t have to internalize their abuse and lower yourself to their level. Try not to take it personally. Report abusive supervisors to their superiors. If they don’t respond with help, then maybe you should look for another job. Working in an abusive environment is damaging emotionally and spiritually, and will eventually take its toll.

Do your job and do it well. Take pride in and focus on how you do your work, strive to be your own personal best and you will rise to the top if you can endure your hostile environment.

Tip # 2 – You can only control yourself.

All kinds of negative people will enter your life, friends, family and co-workers. By focusing on your own attitude and happiness you can build emotional distance between their misery and your inner sanctum. No one is going to change because you point out their selfish idiocy, so don’t even try. You will only make them worse by criticizing.  Focus on your own positive behavior and high self esteem with a positive attitude.

Tip 3 – The past is the past. Learn from it, own it and move on.

It is what it is. You own your experiences and they belong to you. You can choose to learn from them and then move on with life as a stronger wiser person. You don’t need to be consumed by past experiences because they do make you your own unique person.

You can build your self esteem with each life experience, whether positive or negative. These are all lessons – each failure, each victory, each and every mistake – a great lesson to build on. Which leads to the next tip.

Tip # 4 Life is constant change. Change with it.

Our world changes everyday. You can see these changes as an opportunity for personal growth and learning. This is a great way to improve your own self.

If you can learn to roll with change as it happens around you, this will give you a great sense of flexibility and adaptability. Learn to evaluate different situations and how you can see them in a positive way. This will only increase your self improvement and create many life experiences that will bring you much joy.

Remember. Every disaster will provide an opportunity for growth in some way. It’s your job to discover and seize that opportunity.

Tip # 5 – Build a positive world view.

A lot of people get caught up in the news of negative events that happen around them both locally and worldwide. Yes, the world is full of tragedy and tyranny, but getting depressed won’t help. Use You have a choice to make. By choosing to educate yourself in the positive work that is being done to change negative world events, you are choosing self improvement and self esteem. Then,  choose to be a part of the positive work in a way that makes best use of your talents. This will bring feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Tip # 6 – Be determined in your own personal life purpose.

Positive self esteem is a choice; at times it takes strong determination to support your choices and keep fighting and believing in yourself, but remember you have a choice. You have your own identity separate from others — bosses, friends and family — and the determination to make your life your very own.

Some people have to fight for positive self esteem and for some it comes easily. How you were raised and the traits you were born with are big influences over you.

Your current environment like your spouse, the economy, friends, family and coworkers influence you. But ultimately it is you and your determination to do what it takes to maintain your self esteem and continue on your path of self improvement that makes all the difference. You can define yourself and you can prevail.

Never give away your power or your self esteem, because others will devour it to feed their own inner voids. You have the final say over your life and you need to know that you control your thoughts, actions and behaviors. Once you identify the person that you are and the person you want to be, self improvement and esteem grow naturally.

Take control of your attitude, actions and behavior. Make good conscious choices that are responsible and healthy. Fight addictive thoughts and behaviors. Surround yourself with loving, supportive friends and spiritual partners. Don’t go it alone.

This will have a positive influence in your life and in the lives of those around you. Work daily to be positive and appreciative to everyone you come across and use these 6 self improvement tips to help you in your journey. You are a beautiful person. You can become whatever you desire if you believe in yourself and never stop fighting for a better you and a better world. “Work, work, there is nothing else”(Einstein).

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