Many people are confused about how to love themselves.

Because there were treated poorly by their parents, they naturally feel bad about themselves and treat themselves in a similar way – without respect, without love, without reverence. If we are to live successful lives, we must learn how to love ourselves as the beautiful, brilliant, spiritually divine souls that we are.

So how should we love ourselves? You know you’re on the right path when you love and honor the goodness in others, foster a divine connection and live according to your deepest principles. While we should also love and honor what is not good in others, that does not mean we can’t get angry or express our disapproval. Sometimes anger is a natural, healthy and productive response to reality. It’s all a matter of how you channel it. Imagine if Martin Luther King had not become angry at the inhumanity of social injustice and racism. But he directed his anger toward positive social change.

It doesn’t make any difference what other people say or think about you. You must know who and what you are, and that is all that matters. You need to have faith in yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust your inner voice. Other people have no right to demean or interfere in the spiritual journey of your divine self, as long as you do no harm to others. Only you know what is best for you, and only you know your true path and calling.

Spiritual Growth & Awareness

Of course, because most people lack spiritual awareness, they will try and block your own progress of spiritual growth. This is normal, and to be expected. Try not to hold a grudge against others simply because they lack your own spiritual awareness. Most people are spiritually asleep. They may mean well, they may love you, but they just don’t know how to express and support you on your spiritual journey.

All of us carry wounds from our childhood. But these wounds cannot be healed by loving others at our own expense. If we neglect ourselves at the expense of others, we will only end up hurting ourselves more in the end. We will darken our inner light. You are an angel. A divine spirit. A beautiful soul. Treat and see yourself that way. Want and appreciate the beauty and bounty that flows into your life. You deserve it.

We depend on others, such as family and friends, to understand and support us, but this can be very discouraging. The reality is, oftentimes they cannot do so because they have their own struggles,

their own demons to overcome. Don’t make the mistake of seeing this as your fault. The shortcoming is not in you. They are doing their best with what they know, what they have learned and what they have. Most people, unfortunately, are spiritually stunted by the people who actually love them.And know that in the end no matter how much people love you, you are ultimately responsible for yourself. You must learn to depend on yourself alone, even if others love and support you along the way. Learning to depend and rely on yourself to overcome the challenges of life is what builds character and self-esteem. Never pity yourself.

By learning that you can depend on yourself to overcome any obstacle, you develop the feeling of being a successful and competent person. This feeling of inner worth is what will support you on the difficult paths your life will take, and is what will make your life fulfilling. As the great philosopher Nietzsche wrote, “Character is destiny”.

Developing healthy self-esteem and a strong character will allow you to achieve anything in life. Your dreams will become reality. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. You are your own best friend, and your own worst enemy.

The Law of Attraction – Karma

When you have a healthy, vibrant, high vibration spirit, you will attract the same energy into your life. You’ll find that other healthy, successful, happy people will enter into your life without you even realizing it. This is the Law of Attraction. Whatever energy you put out will come back to you. If you think great thoughts, great things will happen. Maybe not the same day. Maybe not exactly when you want or expect it. But over time, you will find greater and greater success.

Likewise, if you fill your thoughts with negative energy, and constantly look at the dark side of life, you will attract that darkness to yourself. Pessimism feeds upon itself. When you intentionally

commit an evil act, then that energy will come back to you. That is the law of Karma.

When you vibrate energy at a high level, you’ll find that what you desire and need will naturally flow to you. People who are around you – successful people – will feel better and happier and become more attracted to you. If you’re a man, women will naturally find you more attractive because most women love success and confidence in a man more than anything. They are attracted to a man’s power. Most men too – or at least those with high self-esteem – are attracted to confidence in a woman.

Sometimes loving others will require making sacrifices for them, but not to the detriment of your core self. Sometimes loving others means saying no; you have to take care of yourself first. Despite what you may fear, people will not usually become angry when you define your boundaries, but will respect you for your power and strength of individuality. They will see you as a role model, someone to emulate and respect. They will admire your courage.

So that’s how to make your dreams a reality. Not by seeking support from the outside world, but by looking deep within and finding your own strength, your own power, your own dreams and visions – your own ecstasy. Then work like hell. People will follow you on a stairway to heaven.

Most people find this path of self love difficult. Women especially have been taught by tradition to love others ahead of themselves. But just because we put ourselves first does not mean that our love for others becomes diminished.

In fact, when we love ourselves first, we become more powerful, our love becomes more powerful, and we have more to give others. We can help others most when we learn to love ourselves well. That means discovering the divine spirit within. Discovering our own beauty and genius. Our own light. Meditation is one way to discover the divine within.

And don’t forget to be grateful. Gratitude is everything. Be thankful for all that you have. The more you learn to appreciate what you have in life, the more you’ll have to appreciate.

Most of us believed the injurious things that people told us when we were children. They told us we were stupid, or fat, or ugly, or too skinny, or weak, or just not good enough. So we tried to compensate in ways that would make others love us, at the expense of our integrity, our individuality and spiritual wholeness.

We spent so much time attempting to prove our goodness and worthiness to other people that we forgot how to believe in ourselves, determine our own goals and reward ourselves for our progress, rather than basing our self-worth and self-respect on the belief or attention of others.

But the truth is, they were not good enough. And they tried to pawn off their own inadequate feelings on us so they could feel better about themselves. But in the end, we must all learn forgiveness. Forgiveness is the seed of all healing. When we learn to fly in the divine light of forgiveness, we learn what true love is. All true love is born in forgiveness.

It is never too late to have a happy childhood. No matter what you have suffered, others have been there too, and not only survived but thrived. It is never too late to begin loving yourself, and when you do you can be reborn, because the universe will shower you with this love and all the love it contains and will bring you back home to the miraculous. Ask and you shall receive, because the universe is listening right now.

Truly successful people believe in themselves first, and only then seek out the resources and support they need to make their dreams come alive. Unsuccessful people don’t have faith in themselves or their ability to create what they desire, so they wait for others to give them what they need, or blame and resent other people for not giving it to them.

Your decisions – your destiny – are yours to write. You are writing the story of your life. What story are you going to tell?

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