You’re most likely still looking for the topmost routines for six pack abs. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t even pay attention to what I am saying. Well, you’re just lucky because when you’re finished with this, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Willing to learn how to get six pack abs fast? Click Here!

Before anything else, I just want to stress that a low-fat, highly nutritious diet, and often full body training are just as vital as the abdominal muscle routines stated below. Integrating all three secrets will build you those washboard abs sooner than you imagine. Take my word for it, without proper diet and cardio, you’re going to find it much harder to get a six pack.

After designing your diet plan and cardio program systematically, you can go ahead and focus on your abdominals with ab-targeting workout. Look at these 4 superb exercises for washboard abs:

* Ball Crunches

* Full Body Crunches

* Bicycles

* Weighted Sit Ups

Recent studies found out that these exercises, whether done on their own or integrated with each other, are the best drills for your abdominals. Why? Because they target nearly every area of your abdominal muscles, involve other body parts as well, and promote other advantageous tasks such as balance and strength resistance. More significantly, you won’t need any extravagant gym equipment to successfully perform any of these routines for ripped abs.

Make sure you begin with only 5 reps of every drill and work your way up to 20 as you go on. Perform 3 sets of each every non-consecutive days — that will surely shake off extra belly fat fast and sculpt those muscles. How do you do each one exactly? Find out the blow by blow:

Ball Crunches

1. Put your feet firmly on the floor and sit on an exercise ball.

2. Rest your back on the ball slowly so that your thighs and upper body are almost parallel to the ground.

3. Bring your shoulders halfway up while contracting your stomach muscles.

When you’ve reached a 45-degree angle with your torso, maintain that position for a few seconds, and go back down to your original position.

Full Body Crunches

1. Rest your back on a flat surface.

2. Keep your hands over your chest and bend your knees.

3. Remember to flex your stomach muscles.

4. Raise your shoulders a few inches off the ground while bringing your knees in at the same time.

5. Keep it for a few seconds and then go back to your initial form.


1. Lie back again on a flat surface.

2. Bring those knees up while you slowly touch your fingers to your ears.

3. Begin a cycling movement with your legs in mid air.

4. Alternate between touching your left elbow to your right knee then the same with the other side.

Weighted Sit Ups

1. Lie down on the ground and bend your knees.

2. Put a small weight, like a hardbound book or a can of fruit, over your chest and secure it with both hands.

3. Come up like you would with a simple sit up and keep it for a few seconds before going back down.

Add these basic yet highly efficient routines for six pack abs in your abs training and you can never go wrong. Do them recurrently and before you know it, you’ll be donning those rock hard abs for all to see.

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