Achieving a healthy body requires paying close attention to the foods we eat. The food we ingest as we all know form an essential part of our health and overall well-being. However, there are still many people who are unaware of the fact that the foods we consume have adverse effects on our health, as well as healthy ones. Unfortunately, many people develop unhealthy eating habits which can further cause more serious health conditions because they are unconscious of the consequences of the food that they eat.

As many health and wellness experts agree, too much of anything is very disadvantageous to our health. Thus, in order to get an idea of proper nutrition and the right amount of nutrients that our bodies need, we need to familiarize ourselves more with the nutrients that we take in. There are nutrients that our bodies need to be able to perform well and some nutrients need to be taken in a limited quantity. Furthermore, we need to be more aware of the consequences of developing our addictions to unhealthy foods.

Sweet foods such as cake, candies, chocolates as well as beverages like soft drinks are all-time favorites and foods that are usually addictive.We may not be aware of it, but continuous intake of these food might involuntarily lead us to developing addictions to sugar, which is not ideal for our health, and eventually chronic diseases like diabetes. Sugar was thought to be a harmless substance but as medical advances were made, it was discovered to be destructive, and a major cause of cancer. Too much sugar intake has been identified as the main cause of diabetes, a disease which affects a lot of people worldwide. In addition, sugar has also been discovered as a substance which causes our immune system to deteriorate, making us more prone to many chronic diseases and health problems such as cancer and even cardiovascular disease.

That is why many health experts advise to regulate our sugar intake as much as possible to avoid developing the risk of diabetes and other serious illnesses and health concerns. However, reducing our sugar intake is easier said than done. Overcoming sugars is actually the same as quitting other bad habits like smoking and drinking, which are important habits to quit. The good news is that cutting down our sugar intake is possible as long as we commit ourselves to becoming aware of the sugar in the foods we eat, especially fruit and processed foods.

Since addiction to sugar is just like being addicted to smoking or alcohol, overcoming sugar means that we also have to handle the symptoms of sugar withdrawal. It is vital that we are familiar of theĀ symptoms of sugar withdrawal – a normal part of the process of reducing our sugar intake – so we can deal with them in a knowledgeable and effective way. Knowing the symptoms helps us to cope with them, so we will know the reasons why we feel or experience discomfort and craving. Craving usually leads to overeating and weight gain.

Some of the more salientĀ symptoms of sugar withdrawal include headaches, fatigue, depression, drowsiness, skin eruptions and mucus or throat discomfort. Symptoms also include mood swings, fatigue and drowsiness, common among those who are cutting down their sugar intake because of the dietary change and changes in blood sugar levels. There is no need to be anxious since there will come a day that you will feel better and free of these symptoms. These symptoms become milder over time and are usually over in a week or two.

Overcoming sugar addiction is not an easy thing to do. Cutting down on sugar is like quitting other addictions like smoking and drinking, which are very difficult addictions to break. Removing sugar from our diet means that we have to deal with symptoms of sugar withdrawal and develop a healthier lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet of balanced nutrition. Replacing processed foods with natural whole foods is a great place to start.

Remember that sugar addiction is associated with being overweight. Weight loss is one of the great benefits of overcoming your addiction to sugar. You can do it.

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